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Draft Fallout: Did Denver land any starters?

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    one will start most of this season most likely

    two will probably start 1-4 games this year

    Another 1-2 will start a game or two in the next two years

    Os will be a full time starter when Manning goes and will probably start a game or few before Manning retires

    This is the NFL, injuries will give people opportunities...question is what will they do wth those chances??

    Now the question is will they be a Harris or will they be a Moore? Will they be a Doom or will they be a (insert 1 game starter who never started again that I can not think of atm)

    That is what I wonder and NO ONE is even close to a accurate opinion on this atm
    When you want to feel negative about the Broncos think of this. Detroit Lions have 1 playoff win in the Super Bowl era in 1992 (1991 season). They are 0-3 in the playoffs since 2000.


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      Originally posted by BRADFORD'10
      Dude, shut up stop being such a Debby downer.
      Originally posted by AdamWeberOrBust
      Trust me... he is the biggest Debby downer on these boards. He hates everything.
      Originally posted by Hoserman117
      You don't think anybody in a Denver uniform will ever do anything.
      Originally posted by BluenOrnge4Life
      This x1000
      Originally posted by TH3JUICEMAN
      At least he is consistent
      These all might be so.....But that doesnt make me wrong.....And I have said this over and over....I am right on our draft picks way more than pretty much everyone on these boards. So take that how you want to. But if you guys are just that sensitive that you cant handle it when someone says that there are no starters in this bunch this season....Then i think that it is time to put on your big boy pants and grow up....Cause here are the facts of the NFL....Every years there are 240ish players drafted and another 250ish picked up as UDCFA. Of those players usually about 34 are starters. There are exactly 32 teams in the NFL. So there is about 1 per team that is a starter. We didnt have a first round pick. So that means every GM in the league the first go around (including ours) didnt think that any of our players were one of those starters.
      Here is the way the draft is. This is how I see it and this is how every person not on this board sees our draft. We got potential, but everyone that we took has a ton of work to be a productive player in the NFL. Wolfe weighed in at 280 at his pro day...Where is he going to play at 280? Hillman cant run between the tackles and he weighs less than 200 lbs, how many NFL backs weigh less than 200 lbs? This is a draft for 3 years down the road. I think that Wolfe and a few others are going to be really good players 3 years down the line. But we are trying to win now, and none of these guys make the team better right now.
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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        I trust the people who actually made the draft choices. They know way more about what is going on than I do.

        The team appears to be way stronger than last year whether any 2012 draft picks start or not.

        The QB choice is an interesting one. If he has the right attitude (and skill) then he knows he could well have a guaranteed starting sport when Manning finishes. It is hard to learn as a back-up (when you ain't starting games) but if Manning (& Elway) make time to tutor him in the correct way then what a chance he has potentially got. See what happens there. He may become a legend. He may flop. Nobody knows...


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          I also think that we did very well in this draft - all the guys we drafted may have been "reaches", but they seemed to be the guys we wanted. The draft would have looked much different had somebody fell into our laps (CB, DT)... but they all went.

          I really like Wolfe and his frame. He will be our best DT in 2 years and will make some impact plays for us this year.

          Hillman is just the type of back that we need - how many of the best teams have a one back system? NYG seem to keep rotating guys in there with success... We still have McGahee, Moreno, Fanin and Ball to compete. We are good at RB - and as almost all teams should, we will draft another next year. Our running game will look very different with a threat to score every play in the air - the explosive back is a need.

          Brock... well, why not. I did not think we needed to waste a 2nd round pick on a QB, but also do not want to see us starting Haine. We needed a new Elway/Manning project and thought we should start the classes right away. Not convinced, but he has the tools.

          Bolden - Really like the pick... will he start day 1 (I hope not). Will Champ stay healthy all season long? He has missed games and Porter/Harris and crew are not ready for a shootout yet. I think he will surprise. Remember Porter is on a one year deal - i think we would have went CB in the first if any fell. I really wanted Minnifield with this pick (but obviously he didn't check out). THe more I hear and read about this guy the more I like the pick. May actually start at NCB over Harris (who I love).

          Blake and Jackson will contribute this year... and as other have stated, could eventually be starters. We needed help at those 2 positions and they were good picks and value.

          UDFA signings were solid as well, who knows how many of them will perform though. I would expect one to push through... maybe a KR/PR.


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            Great post & share.
            I think Osweiler can be debated as to whether we reached or not. Are the other quarterbacks taken later in the draft who could develop into top notch signal callers (ex: Nick Foles)?, perhaps, but only time will tell. The key here is whether Osweiler brings something different to the discussion. At this stage, I just don't know enough about his strengths, weaknesses and true potential to call it a bad pick. I may, however, be screaming about it in three years
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