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I think we have 4 main needs - Which of these would you take in the first

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    Originally posted by FlowdaBroncoFan View Post
    If the FO thinks that way, wouldnt they start him or at least play him alot more?
    Starting, no. Fox loves his veterans. But Irving is getting playing time, and the way I see it, Irving will be the starting MLB next year. IMO, Trevathan will be playing Woodyards old role in the Nickel packages, although Irving is a everydown LB, so i'm not sure how that'll go. Our FO was big on Irving, and I can't see anything changing that.

    I tell one of my good buddys all the time, sometimes the upgrade you're looking for is right there on the roster, but as fans, we want some new flavor. Prime example, we have seen 3 weeks of good consistant games from Harris and Carter, and some people still want to draft a CB in the 1st rd, why? Don't get me wrong, if we don't re-sign Porter, we will need another CB, but it would be a waste to spend a 1st rd pick on one when it's not a pressing need. DT should still be the #1 position on our list (if we plan on leaving Wolfe at DE).


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      If the coaching staff intends to move Irving from Sam to Mike Backer, that would diminish the need at Mike. In just about every draft there are more WRs and CBs taken than any other position. That could indicate constant need and/or players in those numbers who are deemed NFL quality.

      It may be the Broncos are nearing the point where they have quality depth in the development of young players. All sixteen of their draft choices from 2011/2012 are still on the team in one capacity or another. To that can be added several UDFAs. They seem good at finding guys who can make the team. They will eventually find it difficult to absorb all seven draft picks annually.
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        Champ had an interview after the Saints game and game a lot of credit to our DL in making his job easier. I have also heard Miller give the DL a lot of credit for his and the Broncos defense's success. Our DT are doing a good job. I look for them to continue to improve and doubt if Denver spends a #1 draft choice on a DT.
        IMO Irving will be our starting MLB next season. If you must draft defense in the 1st round then go CB. I would love to see Denver get Manning more weapons or more protection with that choice, but coaches just won't listen to me? lol


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          DT, OG, Safety are our top needs, imo.


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            FA needs i would consider in 2013 free agency

            S William Moore ATL

            DE Micheal Johnson Cinn

            DT Randy Starks Mia

            DT Henry Melton Chi