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    Ogletree has been criticized for being a bit soft, particularly against power running teams, and while athletic is not a thumper, so I think he is likely to end up in the second round. He also seems to be a better fit as a 3-4 LB.

    As for the Broncos, Keith Brooking is playing well at MIKE, and will probably be re-signed, DJ is back now and can also play there, Nate Irving has really stepped up in his second year and could get a look as a starter next year, and Steven Johnson is a young player the Broncos believe can develop as well, so the concern about the MIKE position is waaaaaayy over stated.

    ...and personally, if we go LB, I prefer Alabama's CJ Mosley.

    Gillislee is a possibility, but I still believe Elway will draft Stepfan Taylor in the second round. He's just too complete a back, and ready for the Pro game, and Elway has already shown he drafts familiarity to some degree. As a Stanford alumn, Elway will be well aware of what Taylor offers as a RB.

    Rambo is a good prospect, but again, safety is not nearly as big a need as some think. The Broncos clearly believe in Rahim Moore, Mike Adams has played well and Quinton Carter will return next sesason.
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      Mock Draft version 2.0

      Been a month since I've done a mock and my god so much has changed.

      There's not really any pressing needs that I see any more. Sure, more talent can be used, but any glaring holes? Not really, and I like that. But let's focus on the draft and see what comes up.

      I have us picking at between 26-32. I know we say this every year, but I believe this is the year we definitely go for BPA. No if's, and's, or but's.

      Round One: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia- I was torn between Tavon Austin and Xavier Rhodes. But our Young CB's are proving to be studs and Stokely is getting old. Austin would be a perfect Slot receiver, he can really stretch the field with our two big WR's on the outsides. Maybe could be our future #1 or #2. Reminds me of Victor Cruz.

      Round Two: Kevin Minter ILB LSU- I really hope this guy comes out for the draft. He's an absolute monster and has a nose for the ball. This is if he falls to us, which I hope he does. He reminds me of Ray Lewis by his playing style and is a huge run stuffer and is pretty good in pass coverage. I watch a lot of SEC football cause I live in Alabama, he's the real deal.

      Round Three: Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford- Total workhorse back, I love this guy. Reminds me of a non-fumbling Willis McGahee. I have a feeling he's going to be a Bronco, Elway will, or probably already has fallen in love with this guy. He's from stanford and plays in a Pro system. Probably the most pro ready RB in the draft. Would be awesome for us.

      Round Four: Shawn Williams SS Georgia- Again, I watch a lot of SEC football, he's just as good as Robert Lester and Matt Elam, being overlooked big time. Can provide depth and Competition for our weak SS position.

      Sorry, I'm in a rush and can't finish the rest. Give me your insight!


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        Overall I really like it based on where I believe we will be picking and the guys that we will have available. IMO Taylor will go in the 2nd round, though I would die of happiness if we could nab him in the 3rd.
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          If Austin were even 5'11", I would like this, but 5'9" is too small for a first round receiver, IMO. I'd rather get his teammate, Stedman Bailey, in the third or fourth.
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            Broncos 2013 Draft

            Here is my first Broncos mock draft projection, just an educated guess so to speak about what we have seen from Elway in his first two drafts:

            1) DE Ezekiel Ansah, BYU 6'6"-270
            Elway has shown he clearly believes the best way to improve the defense is to get pressure on the QB, and that you can never have enough pass rushers. Ansah compares to Jason Pierre-Paul coming out of college as a raw but talented prospect. Dumervil should still have a couple of quality years left, but it is time to have an answer if his play falls off sooner than expected. It's a copy-cat league, and the NY Giants have shown the value of continually taking DE prospects high in the draft. So I believe Elway will continue the trend, especially when you look at the overall talent in this draft at that position, so even if the pick is not Ansah, players like Texas DE Alex Okafor, Orgeon DE Dion Jordan or FSU's Tank Carradine could also figure in. As an alternative, the Broncos could go CB, such as a player like Washington's Desmond Trufant or another corner that rises late in the draft process, as always seems to be the case. Elway has hinted he believes in taking players with special qualities early, which points to another pass rusher or a cover corner.

            2) RB Stepfan Taylor, Stanford 5'8"-215
            The Broncos single biggest need, to me anyway, is at RB. I think the injury to McGahee could really be bad news for the Broncos this season. Lance Ball is a free agent, and Knowshon Moreno is done in Denver. Taylor is the most complete NFL RB prospect on the board, considering his pass receiving skills and the fact that he has basically played in an NFL offense during his time at Stanford. He is clearly that teams MVP, and I expect John Elway will know that. With his squatty build, Taylor fits the mold of players like MJD, Ray Rice and Doug Martin, and he has several games where he has had to carry the load of 25 plus carries in his career, and has been a player the Cardinal can rely on.

            3) WR Rodney Smith, Florida St 6'5"-220
            Take your pick, but the Broncos need another WR. Andre Caldwell has been the invisible man, and Matthew Willis is a free agent. Thomas and Decker are not enough on their own, and Stokley may retire. I will take a shot at Smith, who at 6'5", with his wingspan, would be an appealing addition to the offense, but you could also see a slot WR type, such as Texas A&M's Ryan Swope figure in here. Fortunately, the WR position is deep, so I expect the Broncos to draft another WR in the first three rounds.

            4) TE Michael Williams, Alabama 6'5"-272
            The Broncos have receiving TE's, but need a hammer in the running game. You have seen the Broncos use backup OT's in certain three tackle sets, but a TE such as Williams gives them the same power in the run game, with the added dimension of a better receiving option.

            5) LB Greg Blair, Cincinnati 6'2"-252
            The Broncos have double dipped before in drafting players from the same school, and I believe they will take another look at Cincinnati. The Bearcats have some under-the-radar types on defense, including Blair, who at 6'2"-252 can play the MIKE or SAM LB position.

            7) DT Josh Downs, LSU 6'1"-288
            Downs is undersized and all of that, but has an unbelieveable motor. He is pure hustle and determination on a great college defense. Watch LSU play and you will notice #77 and his all out effort on every play.

            OK, rip away...
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              This is almost a perfect draft. I love Tavon Austin as our slot WR. I love Minter but he will probably be a postseason riser. My favorite prospect (besides Manti Te'o) is Stepfan Taylor and if we got him in the third, I would be ecstatic! However Taylor will rise into the second round. Williams is one of my favorite strong
              safeties this year. After those four, I recommend a DT
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                If the Broncos are going to look at DT in the first round, the only DT I would consider is Alabama's Jesse Williams. Otherwise, I think a player like Miami's Randy Starks, or maybe a flyer on a player like KC's Glenn Dorsey, who is completely mis-cast in a 3-4, seems to be more likely. The Broncos obviously value experience at the DT position, and that points to free agency.


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                  I think the Broncos will go for the BPA but hope they get either OL or ILB in the first round. Really good effort.


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                    What happened to Giovani Bernard? I thought you loved him. I am glad you joined the Stepfan Taylor wagon. Just kidding. Bernard is a good RB, but Taylor is the whole package.


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                      Really enjoy the Taylor pick and think he can be a 3 down guy in the NFL. I agree with you that if we go DT Jesse Williams is the guy I would like as well. The dline got pushed around a bit today but some questionable olinemen. I think Williams would give us a big body that could anchor down and occupy multiple blockers which will allow our lbs to make more plays in space. I like the rest of the draft though I need to watch Ansah more as I have only seen highlights on him. He looks like a physical specimen and hopefully he can translate quickly into and NFL playmaker ala JPP/ Aldon Smith.
                      Backing Moreno, Ayers, and Smith for 09.
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                      Yes, I know my name is outdated, too lazy to care though hah = )


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                        By the way, Taylor isn't 5'8". He is a solid 5'11" and handles the workload reliably even when opponents know that Stanford is running the football. Ansah is a good pick. Rodney Smith looks like a monster of a receiver at 6'5" but I didn't watch a lot of his games, so I need more details about him. Michael Williams has a good balance of blocking and receiving skills. If we go for a TE, then I'd prefer Zach Ertz. Ertz has great receiving skills and has the body to become a good blocker. Ertz reminds me of Rob Gronkowski.


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                          Originally posted by HDbroncos02 View Post
                          What happened to Giovani Bernard? I thought you loved him. I am glad you joined the Stepfan Taylor wagon. Just kidding. Bernard is a good RB, but Taylor is the whole package.
                          Love Giovani Bernard, but I was trying to formulate a draft that is more likely in Elway's thinking. I just think Taylor makes more sense in the second round, and is probably more NFL ready. Bernard is an explosive, exciting runner, but young, and similar in some ways to Hillman.


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                            Another Try at 2013 Draft

                            Since my last draft was so disliked I felt Ild try again. The players are listed in order of draft, I do believe we have some flexibility to move back if it is best.

                            1) Xavier Rhodes CB/S Florida State
                            Rhodes is a versatile player who can be used in multiple situations and can be moved to different positions if needed. He has even had experience at wide receiver and running back, he provides us with the ability to cover larger receivers, gives us the capability to cut Adams and/or allow Champ to retire or move to safety if he chooses . Rhodes has imposing size for the corner back position and is a willing hitter, truly enjoying the physical aspect of playing on defense. He is aggressive at the line of scrimmage and works hard to knock receivers off their route while still showing the quickness and footwork to quickly redirect and run with receivers downfield. Rhodes is one of the more talented corner backs at the college level and has first round ability if he stays healthy and becomes more disciplined.

                            2) Sylvester Williams DT UNC
                            Sylvester has had some struggles as of late which is why most experts have him falling in the 2nd. That and it is a common belief that he is developmental. If we believe he will not be available at our draft spot, and he is within reach that we can trade a 2nd 3rd 5th and 7th for a 2nd and 4th, then we should pull the trigger. He is a specimen with a nice combination of size and speed.

                            If Williams is not available we should draft Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee, after we take Kevin Minter (thus not needing a LB later in the draf). This is a special DT who can penetrate impose his will and anchor if necessary. Hes a bit raw but he is someone worth developing as well

                            3) Chris Harper WR K-State
                            As stated earlier Daniel McCullers could be drafted here and it would not be to much of a stretch to say we could still draft Harper next round as can be said about my other picks. Harper was a 4 star recruit out of high school, he has the speed (though missing burst) to be an effective outside receiver and is showing signs of having the route running ability to being effective inside. Harper is a coordinated athlete with above average body control and focus, tracking the ball beautifully and snatching it out of the air with his reliable hands. Harper isn't overly explosive and is more of a one-speed player, but has been improving each game as a route runner and is an effective perimeter blocker with a strong core for the position. While not a track star, Harper has good-enough football speed and is one of the more underrated receivers for the 2013 class.

                            4) Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State
                            Listed at 6-2 and 245-pounds, he has an intriguing blend of size, power and speed, showing the ability to run away from defenders or also run over them. Bell, who is also a reliable receiving target, carries his weight well and has the footwork to make would-be tacklers miss, but also isn't afraid to lower his pads and deliver some blows, keeping his legs churning through contact. He needs to be more productive and show more consistent vision between the tackles, but he has intriguing tools.

                            5) Zaviar Gooden LB Missouri
                            Gooden is viewed by those close to the program as the Tigers' most unique athlete. The 6-2, 230-pound outside linebacker has reportedly been clocked in the 4.4s and after two solid (if somewhat unspectacular) seasons as the starter, there is a feeling that he may be poised to breakout in a big way as a senior and he was voted a team captain. Gooden was originally recruited as a safety and redshirted in 2008 playing at this position. He made the move to outside linebacker in 2009 and served as a quality backup, registering 30 tackles, including three for loss, while playing in all 13 games. Gooden's unique athleticism has drawn comparisons to former Missouri star (and current Atlanta Falcons standout) Sean Weatherspoon. Thus far, however, Gooden hasn't played with the consistency that led the Falcons to making Weatherspoon the No. 19 overall pick of the 2010 draft. He relies on his speed to be in position to make plays, too often taking false steps or attempting to run around blocks. He's physical and feisty, however, and his athleticism and experience at safety make him a potentially unique weapon in coverage.

                            6) Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas or best O-lineman available
                            Hawkinson arrived in Lawrence as a four-star tight end recruit, redshirting in 2008 and moving to defensive end before settling in at offensive tackle. He started every game at left tackle as a redshirt freshman and sophomore (24 games) before moving to the right side last season. Hawkinson started all 12 games at right tackle in 2011 as a junior, but moved back to left tackle this past spring and is the most experienced player on the current roster. Hawkinson has done a nice job adding nearly 70-pounds since enrolling at Kansas, but he still plays light and is too easily overmatched by defensive linemen at the point of attack. Hawkinson is a mobile blocker with good-enough footwork, but too often forgets his lower half and overextends at the waist, falling off balance. Despite entering the 2012 season as a three-year starter, Hawkinson still needs more seasoning and currently projects as a day three prospect. As developmental as he is, he adds depth to our O-line

                            Lane Taylor OG Oklahoma State
                            Reggie Dunn Slot Receiver Utah
                            Devonte Campbell FB Maryland
                            Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati

                            I like Jake Knott I do believe he is worth looking at in the 5th but I am uncertain if he will be drafted.
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                              Since I figure Porter is a one season wonder, we can use another DB. Personally, I am not sure but what McCullers might be a better choice than Williams. Good effort.


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                                First two picks, are the same first two picks I've picked for my own mocks I have yet to post. Although I have alternated back and forth, I love the first two picks