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  • Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
    Montee Ball has too much tread on his tires and his injuries pile up. He's not a first round pick. I agree with your position choices though
    For having piling up injuries he sure plays a lot and gets a ton of carries. Also, no more carries than Ray Rice coming out. That whole tread on the tires argument didn't work then and I don't think it works now. We might as well start talking about how many carries players got in peewee for "Tread on the tires" argument. Tread doesn't really start until they are getting hit by professional talent week in and week out. He also runs in a way that he is constantly protecting himself.


    • Ray Rice didn't take a pounding through the Big East swiss cheese defenses like Ball did vs. Big 10 defenses. It's to the point now if a RB isn't "special" you can wait til the 2nd round to get him.


      • Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
        Ray Rice didn't take a pounding through the Big East swiss cheese defenses like Ball did vs. Big 10 defenses. It's to the point now if a RB isn't "special" you can wait til the 2nd round to get him.
        Apples to Oranges. It's still fruit. Not everyone in the Big 10 can lay the wood just like not everyone in the Big East is soft.

        I believe Ball is special, I just question his speed at the next level. Currently 2nd rounder in my mind.


        • I would rather take Mike Gillislee in the 2nd at RB, but thats just me. Overall, not bad though.
          Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


          • Originally posted by SmokeBassett View Post
            This mock-draft thing is getting addictive. I'm going to have to go to mock-draft rehab pretty soon.

            1. Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin
            He's the second-coming of Willis McGahee, so we might as well take him now. I say this because we can get a great guard later in the draft, can't get a great DT in the 1st, but can get a decent DT in the 2nd.

            2. John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
            There are many decent DTs in this year's draft. What we need is not so much a pass rusher as a behemoth who can push the pocket and draw double teams to free up other defenders. At 350 lbs, Jenkins fits that bill and does a decent job for the SEC-title contender.

            3. Philip Thomas, S, Fresno State
            Great safeties are hard to find these days. Thomas is a 6-1, 215-lb prospect who looks like he just might be the real deal. He has 8 interceptions to go with 82 tackles, 4 forced fumbles and 4 sacks. I think he just might be better than Moore, Adams and Carter, all of whom are decent.

            4. Adam Smith, OG, Western Kentucky
            Those who have studied economics are familiar with Adam Smith, but unfortunately most people who study football are not. Smith is a skillful, all-around, 325-lb guard who helped pave the way the last three years for Western Kentucky's top-notch running game. A consistent pass blocker, Smith also pulls well, holds blocks and drives opponents backward. He is a 4th-round pick who can start day one and give us more power at Chris Kuper's position. Even though he doesn't seem to be on the draft gurus' radar, I draft him in the 4th just to make sure another NFL team doesn't get him, since the NFL personnel people seem to be much better at finding good O-linemen in late rounds than the draft gurus are (e.g., Chris Kuper).

            5. Chad Bumphis, WR, Mississippi State
            We seem to use 3-receiver sets more often than 2-receiver sets, so we might as well start thinking in terms of having three starting receivers. Bumphis is a quick, sure-handed receiver and an elusive runner. But the main reason I choose him is that he is also a good kick returner, and I'm not sold on Holliday or Bolden. Alternates: Ryan Swope, Conner Vernon, Justin Brown, Chris Harper.

            7. Mystery QB
            Hmmm... We've got an OG, a DT, a safety, a RB and a WR-KR, what else do we need? How about a 3rd QB? Sean Renfree, Collin Klein, Nick Florence, Zac Dysert, Dayne Christ and several others are probably better than Hanie. I'd like one with some mobility.
            I like your mock and some of the reasoning behind the picks, but I'd feel better if we traded out of the first round and use one of our extra 2nd or 3rd round picks to get a RB. Also not too sure about a S in the 3rd round. Unless he's the BPA, you might have to convince me to make that pick.