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Broncos sign Jacob Hester

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    I agree that the Broncos need to bring in another younger RB either through the draft or FA but to be honest with you, none of the college RB's excite me enough to want our Broncos to spend a very high draft choice for them. I figure at least one more year for MaGahee (maybe two if he is sharing a few more carries with Moreno and Hester) so maybe the 2014 draft will have more exciting prospects in there. Of course we may be able to draft a RB in the middle rounds that turns our to be steal (ala Terrell Davis). I still expect some good (not great) things from Hester.


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      Definitly a depth move. Shows that McGahee's probably not coming back this year. Hope it turns out to be a good move and adds more of a running threat. Moreno had a good game against KC, but there wasn't the same threat that McGahee had.
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        According to the DenverPost we signed Hester to a two year deal. Might not mean much, but there is no downside in bringing him back for TC next year. I'm glad we signed him. Based on his history I wouldn't be surprised if he carves out a nice role in Denver.