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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    Thx for remembering!

    But yes, I love it when you do not limit yourself to specific positions/players. Once you open yourself to the best player available, you instantly upgrade your talent base. Some teams will jump at a specific player/position, even though he may be the 10th or even 20th best player available. Of course, we're not normally talking punters/kickers, unless you badly need one.

    The model is pretty straightforward in BPA mode:

    CanDB, love all your post, very articulate and well thought out, but I would not say we do not have glaring needs.

    Manning has been sacked 5 times from an unblocked rusher in the interior, as of today we have a huge hole at RG and at C. We could re-sign Koppen, but that also is a one year fix. As Jay pointed out Walton and Beadles will be FA after next year. Blake did not impress anyone that I read. 2 very good interior lineman are needs, real needs for this team.

    Caovering the TE is a need. It may not be a glaring one because we have been excellent against WRs, but it is a need.

    DT and DE are big needs. Bannon and Vick are going to be FAs I believe, they make up 3/4 of our snaps at DT. we can resign them maybe, but once again that seems a temporary fix.

    I agree on taking the best player available, but the good team move up or down to match the BPA to a position of need. Elway has done a great job of this, so I am hopeful it will continue.
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      MLB , WR , CB , S , DT

      mlb is clearly our biggest weak spot. ppl think dj can fill in how ever he has yet to do so. hes being beat out for playing time by trevathon and brooking. thats sad , hes obviously not the answer. irvin has switched spots and doesnt see the feild much over miller obv. MLB clear cut #1 need, specifically of the every down TE covering sort.

      we are screwed if DT or decker gets hurt. caldwell matt willis and stokely are stop gaps for this year. moving forward they need to be replaced. stokely is really old hes played ok this year if he didnt have a past with manning he wasnt playing this year at all. matt willis has shown he has nothing to offer on offense. andre caldwell cought 1 pass this year sadly elway missed with this signing. really need to target a slot receiver in the top 3 rounds and snag a developmental outside player in the 5th maybe. james jones like.

      chris harris really stepped up this year we should reward him with a contract soon. carter was benched this week for his poor play as of late and i dont expect porter to be back next year unless he steps up huge in the playoffs. omar bolden hasnt shown anything this year aside from special teams play so CB or MLB in the first may be the way to go.

      im a huge fan of quinton carter so if he can step in and play SS next year im all for it. weve been playing more and more of 3 safety looks and leonard and adams need to be upraded. repeatedly theyre being abused when covering tight ends. adams has a patented move when he lets a receiver catch the ball and he gets dragged by the man for 5 yards being getting him down. hes an ok starter for this year but needs to be back up next year. id like a guy in the cam chancellor mold that would be NICE.

      i dont see DT as a huge need as other people do. ive been advocating for ayers to get playing time and kick wolfe inside next to bannan/vickerson. next year i see wolfe at full time DT , thus not a huge need at all. bannan and vick are Free agents id actually welcome them both back bannan been playing very nicely lately.

      upgrade at guard and center would be welcomed. kuper cant stay healthy koppen/walton can battle it out for the start. late running back flyer hell why not. maybe stash lattimore away for the future . sure.