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What do you think of Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia in round one ?

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    Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
    I suggest you learn to read buddy. The reference to stats wasn't even my main argument. I said many other things which I stated as reasons to why Stedman Bailey is a better receiver. I guess you just agreed with exactly what I had to say and you just went to the stat argument. Maybe try again. Where was I wrong in what I said exactly ?

    Stedman Bailey is a better route runner. Am I wrong ?

    Stedman Bailey is a better deep threat. Am I wrong ?

    Stedman Bailey has better hands. Am I wrong ?

    Stedman Bailey catches more balls in traffic. Am I wrong ?

    Tavon Austin is faster. Am I wrong ?

    Tavon Austin is more agile. Am I wrong ?

    Tavon Austin is better after the catch. Am I wrong ?

    Tavon Austin is a better return man. Am I wrong ?

    And don't get me wrong. I love both guys. I think both will be successful. However I think Stedman Bailey is better and I think he would be much better here with the Broncos and Peyton Manning. And if you would like to actually disagree with the things I said then respond with something and tell me where I was wrong.
    Lol calm down my man it's nothing personal just difference in opinions. I agree with you and also disagree. Personally I think Tavon will have a better career in the league than Stedman (even though I like Stedman as well) and that's not to say Stedman will be a horrible pro either.

    Personally I think Manning would rather have a Tavon type player in the offense where he can get mismatches in the defense and be able to turn a 5 yard in route into a TD. Also Tavon can go deep as well.

    Just my opinion nothing personal.
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      Pass on Austin in the 1st and grab Swope in the 2nd.

      Defense wins championships