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  • Phillip Thomas

    I think based on what I saw and what I've seen people suggesting, we need help via the draft in the secondary. Phillip Thomas from Fresno State could be a great solution at S, especially because he seems to be getting overlooked in a lot of mocks, etc. He was even overlooked for the Thorpe award (look at his stats, compared to the other two finalists). IMO this could be a great pick in terms of value because we could focus on D-Line or another area of need in the 1st and snag a great talent in the 2nd or 3rd at S. Interested in what you guys think.

    66 tackles, 12 TFL, 4 sacks, 8 INT, 3 TD, 4 FF, 1 recovered


    • It will be interesting to see how Thomas does in college bowl games the next couple of weeks and the combines. I didn't get to watch him except in one bowl game but hear some good things about him. I seen him in a few mocks but the mockers don't know much more about him than I do?
      Thanks for the posting about him.


      • I hope we allow ourselves room to extend Harris, Woodyard, and Ayers. Harris has outplayed his contract and we should lock him up long term. I think Wesley and Ayers are two strong building blocks on this defense going forward. Ayers should be a starting DE imo and when he was in I noticed a much more consistent push and he does a better job of setting the edge on runs. He is coming into his position over the last year. Woody is just a great person to have on the team and his production backs him staying along hopefully.

        As for this year I would like to see Clady get the franchise tag at the very least. I think Vickerson is a key piece to lock up as well at Tony Carter. Koppen should be looked at if we can keep him for cheap depth or even to remain a starter if Walton is sub par. I would like to see Mays cut or traded as well as DJ, both of those moves should shell up a decent amount of space if we can hit on a MLB in the draft.
        Backing Moreno, Ayers, and Smith for 09.
        Supporting this staff!
        Yes, I know my name is outdated, too lazy to care though hah = )