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Moves we should make to solidify our team

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  • Moves we should make to solidify our team

    On espn nfl draft section they did an article on broncos needs. Can someone with insider post it here.

    Heres the link:

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    I had someone send me it earlier, so I'm pretty sure it's the same one.

    With Peyton Manning under center and the No. 1 seed in the AFC secured, Denver Broncos fans are thinking about Super Bowl XLVII, not the 2013 NFL draft. That's a bigger concern for followers of the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs, which hold the No. 1 overall pick.

    However, the Broncos have weaknesses like any other team, and plenty of people at team headquarters are surely examining ways to strengthen the roster.

    Whom might Denver target early in the draft? Here's a look at three key need areas and how the Broncos might address them with their first three picks in the upcoming draft, which will come late in each of the first three rounds.

    Cal Sport Media/AP Images
    Could the Broncos come calling for Manti Te'o on draft day?
    Middle linebacker
    Joe Mays landed on injured reserve after fracturing his left fibula in the New Orleans game and has played in all 16 games of a season just once during his five-year career. Mays also lost his starting job to 37-year old Keith Brooking after the Week 5 loss to New England, and teams have since had success exposing Brooking in coverage. Plus, Brooking is slated to become a free agent after the season.

    There is an outside chance that Notre Dame's Manti Te'o could slide down the board following his struggles in the BCS title game, and while Alabama exposed his weaknesses, Te'o is still far and away the top inside linebacker prospect with the skill set to be an effective NFL starter.

    Kevin Minter of LSU is another possibility should Denver address this need late in the first round. North Carolina's Kevin Reddick is a possibility at the end of the second.

    Defensive tackle
    Denver has been stingy against the run, and its defensive tackles deserve their share of the credit. However, Justin Bannan and Kevin Vickerson are both on the wrong side of 30, and their contracts expire at the end of the season. The Broncos would do well to bring in a defensive tackle who can help with the interior pass rush.

    As important as it is to find help at inside linebacker, passing over a defensive tackle like Missouri's Sheldon Richardson or Purdue's Kawann Short at the end of the first would prove difficult. Richardson is more of a one-gap penetrator who is at his best lining up at the 3-technique or over the guard's outside shoulder in Denver's scheme. Short has the size and power to line up at nose tackle in the Broncos' front.

    The point is that the Broncos need help at both spots, and each player has the talent to push for immediate playing time. Florida State's Everett Dawkins would also fit well at that 3-technique spot, and he projects as a middle-to-late second-round pick

    Wide receiver
    Denver is set on the outside, where Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have both eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark this season. Slot WR Brandon Stokley has also turned in his most productive season since 2008, but the Broncos can't assume they'll get the same kind of production next season. Stokley is 36 years old and played in just two games for the Giants last season, and he's another Bronco scheduled to hit free agency.

    Yes, Denver already has one of the most explosive passing attacks in the league, but taking a receiver in the first two days of the draft makes sense. Manning is 36 years old and missed all of last season due to neck surgery. His window of opportunity to win another Super Bowl is closing. The team needs to put him in the best position to succeed.

    Michigan's Denard Robinson was a quarterback for most of his college career but is expected to line up at receiver at this year's Senior Bowl. Depending on how he fares there, it will be interesting to see where Robinson's stock stands in a few weeks. He definitely has the speed and explosiveness to be an asset.

    Notre Dame's Theo Riddick is a more likely candidate. Riddick, who can line up in the slot or at running back, has the burst to separate from man coverage and is dangerous after the catch. His versatility would make it easier for the Broncos to pick up the tempo when they see fit because he doesn't have to come off the field regardless of the formation.

    Don't forget the O-line
    If Denver and LT Ryan Clady part ways via free agency, you can move offensive tackle to the top of the needs list. If the Broncos were to go in that direction in the first round, a tackle like Central Michigan's Eric Fisher or Virginia's Oday Aboushi would be likely considerations.

    If Denver re-signs Clady or puts a franchise tag on him, it should still look to add depth and competition along the interior offensive line. But that's not a top-three need as long as they feel that C J.D. Walton will successfully return from a season-ending ankle injury and 2012 fourth-round pick C/G Philip Blake can get healthy after a season-ending thumb injury.
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      Orange Crush got the right one :thumb:
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        Great read, thanks for posting!

        I didnt see anything about running back which I think is interesting. I guess Willis and Knowshon have been getting the job done.

        I would kinda like to see Lacy in the Orange and Blue next year. I would also like to see us get a top tier MLB to help us down the middle
        Go Broncos


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          Either they see Mike Adams as better than I do, or they are confident that Quincy Carter will play well.

          I'd hope that they at least consider adding more depth at safety.
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            Here's the running back to take us to the Super Bowl

            Our running backs just can't get it done. We need an explosive player who is a threat to score when he touches the ball:

            Let's get him now!


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              Um, ok. I'll pass


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                Sometimes I really wish we had a 50 or 100 post rule before you can start a new thread...


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                  Originally posted by VADER72 View Post
                  Um, ok. I'll pass


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                    Originally posted by berlownacyo7s View Post
                    Sometimes I really wish we had a 50 or 100 post rule before you can start a new thread...
                    Plus a month after joining before being allowed to post.
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                      High school really?
                      Punch yourself in the face.
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                        Moves we should make to solidify our team

                        1. We need a safety, Rahim moore and mike adams are not a super bowl combination. moore is nice but he has lack of experience, as you can see from his play today. adams is solid but does not make any big plays.
                        Number one option for this hole is Jairus Byrd free agent safety from the bills. this guy can be a game changer, will scare people from crossing the middle of the field and can create turnovers.
                        2. Keep Clady, Mitch urein, etc...basically keep all of the players that helped us on our run, restructure some contracts too.
                        3. We STILL NEED A DT. DRAFT A DT IN THE FIRST ROUND, A BIG HEAVY GUY that can draw double teams, that can free up doom and miller. stuff the run etc.
                        4. running backs...get rid off ball...mcgahee and Moreno are both way too unreliable. both or injury prone, need to get rid of one of them and replace them with a solid rb who wont miss games.
                        My dream would be Stephen Jackson joins the broncos for a discount at an attept to go out with a ring, would be amaizing.

                        anyone got anyother ideas, I feel like if we did these things with our schedule next year being really easy at home prob 7-1 or 8-0 at home -5-3 or 6-2 on road...another chance at it next year guys!


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                          I think we need a good RB. Moreno is good, but can get hurt for extended periods of time. Hillman looked promising in his carries that he received after Moreno got hurt. Hillman truly grew before our eyes. Lance Ball and Jacob Hester disappointed me in the game, so I think we need a talented bruiser. I think Eddie Lacy would be a good RB to take in the 2nd round. Cut McGahee.

                          That's just my insight on our RBs. I'll address what we need to do in one of my future mocks.


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                            Our biggest issue was pressure on Flacco up the middle on passing downs and our safety play. RIght now putting pressure on the pocket and having it collapse with Doom, Wolfe and Von round about the pocket is a massive priority.

                            We also got gashed solely up the middle. It surprises me teams haven't noticed this was bound to happen.


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                              I still think we need OL who can move the pile. Our coaches love the 3 yards and a cloud of dust mentality so lets get some OL big enough to play that way.
                              I don't think much can be taken from yesterdays loss. Everyone out there had a bad game. I don't care who we get we aren't ever going to be good enough to turn the ball over 4 times to a good team and still win!!!
                              We really need a running back who can block, run, catch and not fumble but so does most everyone else!!! lol I am not overly impressed with the RB in the draft. Lacy from Alabama is probably the best but I think I could run behind that line he had! Is he that good or is it just a great front line.
                              On defense we are not that bad but a few holes at MLB and safety. As good as Harris turned out I wish Denver would give Nigel Malone from K-State a look see. He too will probably be a UDFA.