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    Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
    I'm talking in terms of pure ability on the field ...yeah, Fitz is a GREAT player because of all those things you mentioned but at this point, I'd take anyone I mentioned (aside from Andre maybe) over Fitz
    Even now at this stage of his career. Larry still has one of the best pair of hands in football, if not the best pair of hands in football. He is still a very very good route runner, has lost some speed but is still up there with the best runners.
    Calvin Johnson is the only player I'd say is as complete as Larry. Sure those other guys may have Larry beat in other categories. But as a complete wide out, Larry is better and only Calvin is above him. Larry Fitzgerald is a possible Hall Of Famer, AJ and Julio are too young to say and Calvin is looking like a future Hall Of Famer. Andre Johnson...not so much. DT is a beast but I honestly don't think he will be a Hall Of Famer nor do I even see him better than any of the guys you named. I see DT as a big body and a strong wide out.
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      Titus is a talented kid. I hope he figures things out before his opportunity to play in the league passes him by.
      Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!