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Signing Richard Seymour Makes Too Much Sense for the Denver Broncos

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    Originally posted by DishWater View Post
    Remember Simeon Rice?

    Nah--let's develop young talent...
    Simeon didn't even make it through training camp here so that may not be a good comparison. They never stated publicly what had happend but I'm sure Shanahans ego had a lot more to do with it than anything else.


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      Out of all the bigger name FA talks, this move seems the most practical, and makes the most sense. I would love to Seymour in the Orange and Blue, plus it would drive Raider fans nuts!


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        I'd see what his market looks like and offer him a one year deal at the right price. I hate him the person but him the player could provide a lot to us. I'm kinda tired of how soft our defense gets at times and I don't think he would let that happen. We should still draft Jenkins or Short though.


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          I think Seymour would be an outstanding pickup. I would give him a 2 year deal. He comes hungry, has a nasty attitude on the field which we need and he totally reminds me of Neil Smith when we snagged him from KC. Just about the same timing.


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            I started to watch some of his games to see what he had to offer and I was impressed. He is still an outstanding player. He doesn't play like a 33 year old. He is strong and athletic. Holds up well against the run and the offensive lineman have a hard time moving him. He can get up the field and showed a good swim move. He is violent with his hands and they are very long which enables him to hold the defenders off of him. And he showed great hustle in the games I watched. Chasing plays down and not giving up. And he is physically capable of making plays down the field as well. He would be a great addition.

            He was constantly double teamed. If he was in Denver then it would be tough to figure out who to double. Richard Seymour requires one and so does Von Miller. And Elvis Dumervil requires a little extra attention also. Plus hopefully Derek Wolfe comes back better then last year and with that front 4 we could have a great unit. Plus potentially adding to it in the draft.

            And speaking of the attitude aspect. In the first half of the Steelers game earlier in the year he was playing dirty and sending a message. Mike Wallace done his little first down celebration in Seymour's face so he elbowed him in the neck. Wallace quickly turned and ran away. He put an offensive lineman over the pile and played right though the wistle. He was constantly exchanging words and looking to get at the opposition players. We need a guy like that.


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              Originally posted by Sam24 View Post
              Simeon didn't even make it through training camp here so that may not be a good comparison. They never stated publicly what had happend but I'm sure Shanahans ego had a lot more to do with it than anything else.
              Yea they did. He was old and washed up. He couldn''t get on the field because he lost the one thing that made him a force which was his explosion and speed.


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                I would like to see Seymour playing in Denver IF HE HAS ENOUGH LEFT IN HIM TO PLAY GOOD. I don't have any way to know that so I trust that the Bronco management will check him out and do what is best for the Broncos! IMO we are two players on defense away from the Super Bowl if everybody comes back healthy and he could fill one of these spots if healthy. In his prime he was good but is his prime over??? Perhaps so.


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                  Originally posted by japfaff View Post
                  Wolfe played ok.....Remember his stats were padded cause he played between 2 pro bowl pass rushers that got all the attention.....Yet still had less than 10 tackles for loss...Not like he was a world beater.

                  BUt the reason you go Dt is cause you play with 2 of them at a time, and for the record Wolfe mostly played on the outside and shifting inside on passing downs. So drafting a DT could leave him on the outside if that is what they want. Personally I think that it leaves the team in a great spot to help the Dline. If when thier pick comes up they can go DE and shift Wolfe inside ...Boosting both positions (assuming the draft pick can play). Or leave Wolfe were he is at and pick the DT.

                  If it were my choice....I make a run at Seymor, if his price is low. Move Wolfe inside. Give Ayers/Hunter the LDE position.......Doom, Seymor,Wolfe, and Ayers/Hunter seem like a solid Dline to me.

                  Then take a package of my picks and trade up to get into a better position to take a MLB (I like the Ogletree kid from Georgia right now) or a S (Liking the Elam kid from Florida, or Vaccario kid from Texas)
                  I really like the idea of keeping Wolfe outside, it helps add size to the dline. I'm not saying lets just sell out on a DT in the first round and hang our hat on that, I would like to see us grab Seymour and maybe a guy like Sammie lee hill then draft a DT in the late first or high second. If we brought in a guy like Seymour to play with Wolfe, doom, miller and high round DT that would probably give us the best front seven in football.

                  I understand the idea of a MLB in the first but I think the team is really high on Irving and trevathan who both saw a good amount of snaps and both looked good. I wouldn't be surprised to see us take another late round flier on a underrated LB and then let Irving and Danny T. Battle at MLB in training camp that's if we don't sign a MLB like Beason.
                  A healthy Kenneth Dixon is a top 5 NFL RB.


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                    Sign him at the right price. I would LOVE this move. Adds depth, experience and he still has some left in the tank. But at the right price is key.
                    We are going with Plan A