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    Originally posted by JayJack View Post
    No that's not comparing the two. The ONLY reason why I would favor White over Collie is strickly health reasons. Let me be clear, if I had any idea that Collie is over this injury bug, i'd be the 1st one banging the table for him! The whole thing about Blair White is chemistry with Manning, which is part of the reason why so many people are looking to sign Collie. Although White isn't on the level as Collie or Garcon, I thought he was still a good player for the Colts and if we are looking to add a depth at WR, I think White is worth a look.
    Did you not know that White has been out since he injured his back? He's probably done in the NFL. And by probably, I mean it would take a miracle.
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      No I didn't. I knew that the most recent injury he had before the Colts released him was a knee.