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Peyton recruiting Freeney to the Broncos?

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    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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      Of course it didn't help that Dumervil was being constantly strangled by the neck and Miller was being held by the outside of his shoulder pads during that game. It would be interesting to see how many sacks these two could generate if holding penalties were called more consistently by the NFL officials.


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        Freeney would be a nice add to the team. I'm sure he'd like the chance to place with Manning again, especially on a contending team.


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          I would rather throw money at Free Agent DLmen:

          DE Michael Johnson
          DL Richard Seymour

          And Draft the following players:

          R1 RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama, 6-0 220
          Our 2013 featured RB to split time with K. Moreno and R. Hillman

          R2 OL Barrett Jones, Alabama, 6-5 310
          This selection gives us solid depth at OL.

          R3 RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina, 6-0 220
          Sure this makes no sense since we just drafted RB E. Lacy but we sit RB M. Lattimore
          one year, let him heal then release both RB's E. Lacy and M Lattimore next year.

          R4 DL Joe Kruger, Utah, 6-7 280
          He gives us nice depth at DT/DE, a la Derrick Wolfe and Malik Jackson

          R5 LB Sean Porter, Texas A&M, 6-1 230
          My favorite player of the draft besides CB Desmond Trufant who should give us
          solid depth at WLB.

          R6 DE/LB Quanterous Smith, Western Kentucky 6-5 250
          Q. Smith gives us another DE/LB tweener whom with the right training can
          be elite, yes, elite.


          First Team:
          Johnson - Wolf - Seymour - Dumervil

          Second Team:
          Ayers - Kruger/Jackson - Vickerson - Smith


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            If he takes a nice friendly price then sure

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              Can Manning restructure?

              I've been hearing a lot of teams restructuring their player's salary to make room and obviously it happens when a team is way over the cap and trying to retain good players.

              My question is, down the road, can Manning's contract be restructured? I know that it's a bit of a weird contract as far as QB's go because we had to protect against any lingering neck issue, but from what I gather once Manning proves his health every year the entire 19 mil or so for that year is fully guarenteed.

              So, since his is the biggest contract on the team, down the road if we are in a cap bind would that type of contract lend itse;f to restructuring of any kind?

              Just curious. I don't consider myself a contract/salary cap guru by any stretch.
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                Can he yes will he I totally doubt it.


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                  I thought I read somewhere that John Elway already said Peyton has already offered to restructure his contract


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                    Originally posted by luvapup View Post
                    I thought I read somewhere that John Elway already said Peyton has already offered to restructure his contract
                    That would make sense because he is not here for the money, if that we're the case he would be in Tennessee. He is here to win and I think if he can help, he would probably offer.


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                      my friend is swearing that he saw Freeney at the Pepsi center last night. I checked around and a few reporters also saw him there.


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                        Peyton Manning has agreed to restructure his contract with the Indianapolis Colts to save the team nearly $8 million in salary cap space.

                        Peyton restructured his contract for team benefit after he won a Super Bowl. I don't expect him to be as generous as Brady but you never know.


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                          brady didnt do anything special that others dont do he just gave them cap space this year n next but instead of 30mill guaranteed he gets 57mill in the end...they still gotta pay him big bucks...


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                            I think he would restructure only if hes convinced that it would be a must and that it can prove necessary for winning a SB
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                              Originally posted by BroncoooJohnson View Post
                              On paper it looks good, but IMHO, it would hurt either Doom or Miller, because they would not be given the edge in rushing the passer, where each of them, along with Freeny, are valued highest. The plus side is that it would allow us to utilize Miller to get pressure up the middle, like we did a lot of against Oakland in 2011.
                              Precisely, its one of the reasons that in the defensive scheme we play that a bigger DE tends to play strongside, one who borders along the line of DT. The DE on the strongside, usually either sweeps inwards which can usually result in a mismatch or if there is enough confusion a double team, and tends to allow for better control against the run, or sweeps out ward and opens gaps or in Ayers case shorten up the edge. Generally speaking the it makes it so the LB or DT can also create pressure. The concern with Ayers was not that he could not handle this job but rather the fact he wasnt generating any pressure himself, which I think is what there reasoning was for getting Wolfe to be a DE.

                              Ayers however somehow plays like a 3-4 DE and can push the intended blocker or blockers for Miller from moving outside quickly giving Miller the edge on the run. Wolfe disengages to quickly which was one reason that lines were better this year at times with Doom. Ayers made it more difficult for an O-line to zone block as a whole. It would be nice to get someone who can collapse the edge more quickly then Ayers, and if they keep Wolfe outside maybe they will have that person. However, 3 edge rushers on the same team 2 of which averaged 7 sacks a year in the last 3 years (granted Doom was out for an entire season). I think it would be a huge mistake.
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