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    Derek Cox
    Sean Smith

    Who, if anyone, would you like to see as a Bronco?

    Personally, I'd give nhamdi a shot for a much lower contract, and I like Cox, but truly I think we should trade for Revis. What better way to replace Champ than to get the player most comparable but 7 years younger. I'd give up pick #28 and maybe a mid-rounder for Revis with a restructured contract.
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    DRC, young and very athletic.

    Why not take a gamble and see if another change of scenery might help.


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      Someone who is better than Tracy Porter preferably
      All in for Siemian!


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        I like Cox Talib, and DRC. Revis would just cost to much. I still think drafting Champs replacement is our best bet.
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          Revis will be too expensive. Really like DRC


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            If you think Revis is too expensive, you should think the same for DRC. He's going to get a lot of money this offseason, and really he doesn't deserve it because he's playing to collect a check. He doesn't take the game seriously, he gives up on plays as a CB and that's just inexcusable.


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              Love what DRC could be ...but he's just a clown, he could be the best CB in the league but he refuses to put the work and sacrifice in


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                Obviosuly, Revis is the best of the bunch, but personally, I'd like to see Talib. Talib and Chris Harris go back to their college days, so maybe Harris can "recruit" Talib to Denver. Sign Talib and draft DJ Swearinger out of South Carolina and our secondary is scary good.
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                  Chris Harris has developed into one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Opposite of him is Champ Bailey and he can still play. He is better then everyone on this list except for Revis. Then we have Tony Carter who statistically when it comes to allowing completions is better then some of these names that will get severly overpaid in the off-season.

                  Last off-season we signed Tracy Porter. He was coming off a terrible season in New Orleans and then played poorly here whenever he got a chance. So why do that again with guys like Sean Smith and Dominique Rodgers-Cromatie ? All they have is a name. We have a very good top 3. We will need to get a future starter at some point to replace Champ Bailey however it isn't yet. Then we have some hope for Omar Bolden, a 4th Round Pick as well.

                  So with that I would say we are pretty good at the position. However if Xavier RHodes is there in the first round at pick #28 I would take him. He will be a great pro however with him putting some doubts about his speed to the rest with a good 40 time he willl go even higher. Speed was his only concern really. However when you watch he still looks to be lacking elite speed.

                  I say no to any and all multi million dollar free agent cornerbacks. I don't see anyone worth the investment and an upgrade. I would choose to draft one though if the right guy is available. Daniel Jerimiah of NFL Network said something the other day which was interesting. He said the ccornerback group at the end of the first is almost equal to the group in round 3. So if you want a cornerback you may as well wait to the third round. He is a former scout and his opinion is definatly worthy of taking into account.


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                    i see Cox becoming a bronco. simple as that.


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                      I really wouldn't want any of those big name CBs. I think Chris Harris should be the #2 guy going into next season. If we want to bring in another CB it should be a young guy early in the draft to eventually replace Champ (if the FO doesn't think Omar Bolden is that guy). Oh yeah, and we should re-sign Tony Carter. He played well for us last year.


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                        i agree in not spending crazy dollars on a cb, to me, its not money best spent. yes, love to have DR but at what price? i like who we have a lot too. lets spend some money on the front lines, where we can make an impact on the opposing QB


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                          Originally posted by berlownacyo7s View Post
                          Oh yeah, and we should re-sign Tony Carter. He played well for us last year.
                          He's an ERFA, if we tender him, he's back for next season.


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                            Signing an expensive FA corner would be a waste of cap space.

                            Champ is still Champ. Chris Harris is an exciting talent at no.2. Tony Carter played great for a no 3 and Bolden is a good prospect who played well in spurts.

                            If it was up to me, I'd only draft a guy early to be the successor of Champ.
                            All in for Siemian!


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                              What john said is spot on.

                              Champ, Harris, Carter all graded out as Top 30 CB's.

                              Champ/Harris were Top 10, Carter was 24th i think on PFF.

                              Bolden will be a couple years removed from his surgery, and got some spot time at CB.

                              Revis, DRC, Cox, Talib, Smith will all cost 7-8 mil per and that's too much for a #3 CB.

                              Routt/Cason may come a little cheaper.

                              IF we were gonna make a semi-big signing in FA, i'd upgrade the DL, or sign one of the safeties on the market like William Moore or Dashon Goldson. Or if he somehow hit the market, go for Jairus Byrd.

                              Mase made a good point on twitter, you can't make personel decisions based off one game where really nothing went right. Wanna make our CB's better, upgrade the Front 7, simple as that.

                              Our CB's are more then fine.

                              I'd add a veteran in FA or draft one if they fell to us but it's not a pressing need for now. We do need an eventual replacement for Bailey though.

                              Now, if Rhodes or Trufant are sitting there at 28, they should consider it. Not that i see Rhodes falling that far, Bucs or someone ahead of us will take him. Trufant might fall, but depends who else is on board, like a certain LB from ND ;