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Per Rotoworld Broncos Will try to Trade DJ Williams

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    Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
    That was before our current regime ofcourse
    It was a joke... lighten up.


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      Originally posted by Den615 View Post
      Ryans had his own issues as well. Nothing off of the field that I am aware of, but he was coming off of a torn achilles tendon. He was a year removed from the injury, but had not yet returned to pre-injury form which is why the Eagles got him for a discount.

      It's not the perfect comparison to DJ and Ryans was a few years younger as well. I still bet we can get a 5th or 6th from someone.
      I was just pointing out a younger guy(albeit off an injury) only fetched that much.
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        I wish DJ the best. I do not have any issues with him other than he is the ideal SLB, that hated playing SLB. Anyways, sure try to trade him, just hard to do when every team knows that he will be cut eventually. May get a player back that can compete for depth. If not, no big deal.
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          DJ may net us a little more than people think. DJ has proven himself as a very good LB at every LB position in this league and teams will be interested. If 2 teams don't want to leave the decision in his hands they may get in a mini bidding war to pick him up.