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DAY 2 TARGETS, Who ya got?

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  • DAY 2 TARGETS, Who ya got?

    Round 2:

    Damontre Moore
    Alex Okafor
    Arthur Brown
    Jamar Taylor
    Jonathan Banks
    Kevin Minter
    David Amerson

    Any of them would be solid picks IMO

    Round 3:

    Ryan Swope
    Steadman Bailey
    Shamarko Thomas
    Sio Moore
    Kiko Alonso
    Jon Bostic
    Will Davis
    Tyrann Mathieu

    Any of them I would be happy with.

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    Damontre is my guy would love if we could land him
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      Moore or Minter would be huge for us. One of those 2 and Lattimore in the third......I would be a happy camper
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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        Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
        Damontre is my guy would love if we could land him
        Having 2 guys in Von & D Moore who are basically BEST FRIENDS rushing the outside could be pretty fun & I could see them really pushing each other.


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          Damontre Moore
          Leveon Bell
          Jamar Taylor


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            Cyprien would be nice!

            Minter too...


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              RYAN SWOPE!!! that would make my day. he could be epic learning from welker a few years. John Jenkins would rule too... imagine that kinda heft on the dline. beeeeeaaast.

              I'm actuallty happy with whatever


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                Cyprien would be great, but my guess is that he wont last long into the 2nd round.

                I would love to get Damontre Moore in the 2nd and either Lev' Bell or Christine Michael in the 3rd.


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                  DE: Okafor, Moore, Brandon Thurmond
                  S: Thomas, Cyprien, Williams, MacDougald, Robinson
                  OT: Wagner, Waddle or OG: Adam Smith, Lane Taylor, Blaize Foltz (move Beadles to RT)
                  C: Holmes, Schwartzstein, Fortenberry
                  RB: Stacy, Randall, Gillislee


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                    Would be down to trade up for Damontre Moore.


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                      It's hard not to think about RB here, but in round two, Damontre Moore, Alex Okafor or Jamar Taylor would be EXCELLENT picks. All have received tremendous grades, and defense is an area the team can use as much depth on as possible. While Denver is one of the best teams heading into the 2013 season from top-to-bottom, you know the offense will be fine with that line and Peyton Manning. HB's can be found later also.

                      I don't like Minter because he was lousy in pass coverage, always got fooled on misdirection, and was constantly blown up during screen packages. NO. THANK. YOU.

                      Banks is another bust waiting to happen. He's slow, he's not physical, and turns his hips with less fluidity than an oak tree.

                      Moore, Okafor or Taylor would be my picks (if they are there). The dream scenario would be to see one of them fall to round 3, or have Denver give up some later pics to get two of these guys. The goal is winning now after all, right?


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                        Johnathan Banks
                        Jamar Taylor
                        David Amerson
                        Damontre Moore
                        Eddie Lacy
                        Tyrann Mathieu (Sadly)
                        Alex Okafor
                        Kevin Minter
                        Sam Montgomery

                        Christine Michael
                        Le'Veon Bell (most likely)
                        Baccari Rambo
                        John Bostic
                        Ryan Swope


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                          I think 2 solid options at ILB in the 3rd could be Bostic & Alonso.

                          I really like Alonso. He plays with a mean streak & has all the athletic tools. Can become a solid run stopper & a guy who you can rely on in pass coverage going forward.


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                            Would like to see D. More fall down to us as he would be a steal at #58.. But realistically i think one of the next top 3 CB will be a value here. Now as Texas picks ahead of us and has the same need I see them taking our CB and us going with the next best LB Kevin Minter... The more I think of it, lets go with Minter in round # 2.

                            Round 3 I go with a CB Tyrann Mathieu..... Then again he may be our round 2 guy who some grade that high. Then I would go with Logan Ryan from Rutgers.


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                              2nd round:
                              DE Damontre Moore
                              CB Jamar Taylor
                              RB Eddie Lacy

                              3rd round:
                              WR Ryan Swope
                              LB Kiko Alonso

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