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Whats off season acquisition are you most excited to see?

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  • Whats off season acquisition are you most excited to see?

    Simple question. Has any one heard if there is any progress in the Clady contract talks?

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    Nothin mew.

    I think it was last summer he turned down a 5 year-50 mil contract with 28 million guaranteed (dont quote me on that)

    He probably should have taken that, because the market has taken a downturn. i would guess 9 mill a year? (just guessing)
    He still has not signed his 9.8 million dollar 1 year franchise contract and is not going to OTA and maybe could hold out in mandatory camp...not sure on that.

    He thinks he should be paid more like 11 mill plus....highly unlikely.
    I think Elway and company were waiting to see how his injury recovery was doing before they give him a final offer.

    thats about all i know.
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      Denver needs to lock this guy up. I hope we can get a long term deal done, we need to keep Manning upright.


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        It will happen.

        He's here next year, a deal will get worked out around TC.

        Worst case scenario we just franchise him again next season, but I doubt it comes to that.


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          They are not going to sign him until they see how he comes back from his shoulder surgery.


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            Klis said they are gonna try to get deals done with Clady and Colquitt this summer.


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              Our players on cowboys 2013 big board

              The cowboys 2013 nfl draft big board was leaked. Interesting info, out of bloggingtheboys website... They graded Sylvester Williams as a second round prospect, Montee Ball as a third rounder, Kayvon Webster as a seventh, Tavarres King 6th... Any thoughts?


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                Just like the rest of their moves, the FO screwed up their draft board. Williams in the 2nd, Ball a 3rd, and King a 6th? Smh
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                  They took Travis Frederick in the 1st, I don't think they do a good job of grading players. He wasn't even on the leaked draft board lol
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                    As Skronk mentioned, their values were way off by the way they drafted players.
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                      I've read that article. If that board is accurate, at least it's a good argument for those who've been attacked around here for saying that Webster was projected as a 7th round pick. Comparing the Broncos' draft class and the Cowboys' board:

                      1-28 Sylvester Williams: 2nd round
                      2-58 Montee Ball: 3rd round
                      3-90 Kayvon Webster: 7th round
                      5-146 Quanterus Smith: undraftable
                      5-161 Tavarres King: 6th round
                      6-173 Vinston Painter: undraftable
                      7-234 Zac Dysert: undraftable

                      Draft boards have a lot of variations. According to the Cowboys, the Buccaneers had a miserable draft. The Patriots drafted Duron Harmon in the 3rd round. In the 5th round, the Falcons, Redskins and 49ers drafted players (Stansly Maponga, Chris Thompson and Quinton Dial) who were projected as 7th round picks or FAs.

                      Each team has scouts, directors of player personnel, doctors, general managers and coaches sharing opinions on the prospects, so there will be many different results. We won't know who's right and who's wrong until the players show something on the field.

                      Looking at the Cowboys' board, they should have drafted Sharrif Floyd, their #5 overall prospect, at #18. They needed a DT and that board told them a top 5 talent was available. I would like to see the other screen shots with the draft board. Why just one screen shot? Give us the whole evidence. Larry Warford was not on that board, which leads me to believe that either the Cowboys are really controversial or the writer did not get an 100% accurate board.


                      Have you been wondering what the Cowboys most recent draft board looked like? Well wonder no further, because once again the board has been leaked and BTB has every player, slotted just as they were in the Cowboys' war room!

                      Travis Frederick was the #22 overall prospect on their board.
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                        Ball and Webster pretty much fell on their boards where mocks predicted they would go.

                        Williams is a little bit more interesting, but I bet a lot of teams were mixed on him and as much as I'd like to claim we got a steal on him, I think we got even or better value.

                        Although them having Kayvon Webster as a 7th certainly isn't any sort of compliment, its worth noting that they noticed him. There are a lot of CBs out there and most of them aren't on their board and the same can be said for other teams' boards. I bet Webster made a lot more boards than a lot of the CBs ranked higher than him by draftniks.

                        There's some odd placements on their board but with perhaps the exception of Williams they're fairly in line with the draftnik community as far as our picks went.


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                          This shows that every draft board is different. Every team has different sets of eyes when they watch these prospects. You also have to remember every team has different schemes. They have players rated on how they would fit in their scheme. If you were to look at every teams draft board not one would be close to the same.

                          Webster for example is known to not be very good in zone and is a better man-to-man CB. Cowboys hired Lane Kiffin who is known for his Cover 2 zone defense. So webster might not have been a great fit.

                          Also in 2010 draft they're big board was leaked and they had Demaryius Thomas and Gronkowski rated as 2nd rounder.


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                            I think Jerry Jones needs to get out of the draft board rooms


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                              If that board is true, the Cowboys only had 18 players with a 1st round grade, and at #18 they had a top 5 talent available according to the board. The player is a DT and they needed one. So, with 18 1st round grades, they trade down to 31? Okay...