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Whats off season acquisition are you most excited to see?

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  • Kenny Jackson, DE, Navarro Junior College/UCF

    He just declared for the Supplemental Draft. Unlike most prospects that enter the Supplemental Draft, this kid doesn't have any failed drug tests or DUI's or murders.

    The reason he was kicked out of UCF was due to academical issues.

    I lost my cousin and grandfather within a three month span and that caused me to lose focus in school which ultimately led my dismissal from the UCF football team. Since then I’ve been grinding to get myself in tip top shape and pursuing my long life dream of becoming an NFL football player.
    Certainly not some major red flag. It is a concern, but it's also understandable.

    Would you take a flier on him? Maybe late-round pick? The kid has some natural ability as a pass rusher.

    Other prospects that might enter the Supplemental Draft

    Michael Dyer, RB, Auburn (multiple failed drug tests)

    Nick Harwell, WR, Miami OH (arrested for theft and criminal damage)
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    • I don't know much about him or if he's even worth a pick, but I wouldn't be against it.

      No to Dyer, and Charles Sims is a RB, and transferred to WVU.
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      • academical? Is that like medical or chemical?

        It's difficult to find information about him. Is his name Toby Jackson? Was he a JC transfer to UCF in for the Spring Semester?

        The Broncos seem kind of crowded at DE right now, but we'll see what happens.
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        • He has the height that JDR and Fox like in their defensive linemen.

          I doubt they make a bid for him though. If they do, they probably won't get him because another team with higher priority will bid on him too.
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          • What the heck, yeah, I would take a shot at him. He's long and lean and is our kinda DE, but I have no idea where scouts project him


            • He sure would make the team stronger. I say ya we should bid on him. 5th round I'd be willing to part with.