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Independence Day Look At Final Roster

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    My predictions. Gone are the days when you call predict the final roster to 1-2 players this early because of the lack of depth.

    QB (3) Manning, Osweiler, Dysert
    RB (4) M. Ball, Moreno, Hillman, Hester
    WR (6) Thomas, Decker, Welker, King, Robinson, Holliday
    TE (4) Tamme, Dreessen, Green, J. Thomas
    O Line (8) Clady, Beadles, Walton, Vasquez, Franklin, Kuper, Painter, Clark

    Notes: Hester can play everything so he gets the last running back spot. Kuper is the primary interior guy but the spot could go to Manny Ramirez if we cut Kuper, Painter swings at guard or tackle, Clark plays in jumbo packages.

    Defense (25)

    DE (4) Ayers, Wolfe, Jackson, Beal, Smith
    DT (4) Vickerson, Knighton, Williams, Unrein
    Linebackers (7) Woodyard, Miller, Irving, Trevathan, Phillips, Johnson
    CB (6) Bailey, DRC, Harris, Bolden, Webster, Carter
    Safety (4) Moore, Carter, Adams, Bruton

    Notes: A lot of special teams help comes from here. Bradley or Johnson could be on the bubble or Adams and Jammer battle for the final spot, I give the edge to Adams just because he has more experience in this defene but won't be surprised if Jammer beats him out. Webster can play safety if needed. I cut Stuart Bradley to make room for Smith but Steven Johnson could go instead of him.

    Special Teams (3)

    Kicker (1) Prater
    Punter (1) Colquitt
    LS (1) Brewer

    Practice Squad

    Blake (Guard) (Or another offensive lineman)
    Anderson (Running Back) (Jeremiah Johnson I believe is out of eligibility)
    Orton (Wide Reciever) Or someone better
    Garland (Guard/Defensive Tackle)

    Butler (Corner)
    McCray (Linebacker)
    Ihenacho (Safety)
    Siliga (Defensive Tackle)

    2013,2014, and 2015 Adopt a Bronco: Champ Bailey, Marvin Austin and Matt Paradis