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    My prediction: Von Miller will end the season with more sacks than Clay Matthews.


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      2 QB: Manning, Osweiler
      4 RB/FB: Ball, Hillman, Moreno, Hester
      6 WR: Thomas, Decker, Welker, Caldwell, King, Holliday
      4 TE: Thomas, Dreessen, Tamme, Green
      3 OT: Clady, Franklin, Clark
      4 G: Beadles, Vasquez, Moffitt, Davis
      2 C: Ramirez, Lilja
      4 DE: Ayers, Wolfe, Jackson, Smith
      4 DT: Williams, Vickerson, Knighton, Unrein
      5 OLB: Trevathan, Irving, Phillips, Johnson, McCray
      2 MLB: Woodyard, Bradley
      6 CB: Bailey, DRC, Harris, Carter, Webster, Bolden (S?)
      4 S: Moore, Ihenacho, Adams, Bruton
      3 ST: Prater, Colquitt, Brewer

      Suspended: OLB Miller

      IR (eligible to return): C Walton

      QB Dysert
      RB Anderson
      WR Robinson
      OT Painter
      DE Beal
      DT Fuga
      CB Butler
      S Rasner

      Kept Davis over Kuper because of Kuper's health concerns but could easily see him make the team with his reduced salary.

      Bradley is a mystery to me. I have no idea when he's expected to be back. Could end up on IR. Could see Lenon take his place if he goes IR.

      Thought I heard McCray would only miss a few weeks. If that's true I think he makes the team. If it's longer all bets are off with him.
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      Go Broncos!!!:thumb:


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        Originally posted by samparnell View Post
        2 QBs: Manning, Osweiler

        4 RBs: Moreno, Hillman, Ball, Hester

        4 TEs: Green, Thomas, Dreessen, Tamme

        6 WRs: Thomas, Decker, Welker, Caldwell, King, Holliday

        9 OL: Clady, Beadles, Ramirez, Vasquez, Franklin, Kuper, Lilja, Clark, Painter

        10 DBs: Bailey, DRC, Harris, Carter, Webster, Bolden, Moore, Ihenacho, Adams, Bruton

        7 Backers: Woodyard, Irving, Trevathan, Johnson, Phillips, McCray, Lenon

        8 DL: Vickerson, Knighton, Williams, Unrein, Ayers, Wolfe, Jackson, Smith

        3 Specialists: Prater, Colquitt, Brewer

        Walton stays on PUP

        Bradley to IR designated for return

        Anderson and Q. Carter to IR
        I think I have 48 out of 53?

        Also predicted Bradley and Q.Carter to IR for what it's worth.

        It was like a multiple choice test. All the answers were right there.
        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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          Did anyone guess 5 RB?
          The beatings will continue until morale improves....