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  • Originally posted by andrewmlb
    Phillips might be gone next year and as of right now the St. Louis Rams have the second pick via the Redskins. They have said they won't go QB, I think they will trade the pick but lets say they draft Clowney and trade DE Quinn instead. What do you think he would cost? If a 2nd and 4th, would you pull trigger?
    I know this is hypothetical but there is no way that they trade a talented and productive player like Quinn. He is now a proven player from one of the most important positions in football, they would never trade him for a player at the exact same position that is completely unproven at this level. Unless it were a landslide trade that would allow them to build an entire future team, they would never do it. I am thinking they would ask for a 1st and 3rd or 4th.
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    • Not happening, he's one of the best pass rushers in football.

      Dream world you're living in.


      • If he's not expensive I'd love to sign him because he's a good receiver and when he gets in the open field he's a threat to go all the way. The problem is when he's asked to be a runner he doesn't have great vision so he relies on bouncing to the outside to get yards and I don't know how well that would work in our offense, but imo he'd be another weapon for Peyton. I do think some team will overpay for him so he won't come here.