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  • What's left? Post-Day 1 Mock

    Elway just added the "nasty' factor to this defense. Every feared defense in the NFL has the 'nasty' factor and Elway was on a mission today. We added one of the hardest hitting safeties in the game and one of the most physical corners in the league. Denver still has 13-16 million left to work with and I think Elway will do what's needed for a Super Bowl ring. Here's my ALL-IN approach for the rest of the off-season:

    1. TE Joel Dreessen - He's not worth the 3 mil. and Virgil Green has shown he's more than capable to replace Dreessen as a our lead blocker.
    2. DT Kevin Vickerson - Anyone else tired of his bone headed penalties? Aside from that, he is easily replaceable. Williams showed a lot of improvement towards the end of the season and he may be ready to step up. This move saves us 1.8 mil.

    1. DE DeMarcus Ware - This signing would be unbelievable. To pair him with Von Miller would be a disaster for the rest of the league. Here's to Von WareWolf . 3 yrs - 14 mil. (3 mill first year)
    2. MLB Brandon Spikes - I couldn't think of any other linebacker in the FA that would fit our more. Spikes is a 2 down thumper that shouldn't cost too much based on only being a run backer. He would fit the NASTY theme Elway has gone for this offseason. 3 yrs - 16 mil. (3.5 mil first year)
    3. OG Davin Joseph - He used to be one of the top Guards in the league before injury. He could be victim to Elway's "prove it" deals. Solid signing for depth and possible starter. 1 yr - 2.5 mil.

    1) WR Brandin Cooks - Oregon State - Cooks is talked to go higher in the draft but he could very well be here at 31. I believe the wide receiver group is deep this year and teams may wait until the 2nd and 3rd rounds to select one. Cooks would bring a whole new dimension to our offense and would provide a weapon from the outside and slot positions. He has the speed and hands to be elite in the league.
    2) CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste - Nebraska - Tall corner with great length and an ex-receiver? Sound familiar?? Pairing him up with Aqib Talib would give us the "Seattle look" except we would have the best nickelback in the game in Harris as well. SJB has shutdown potential and if Harris or Talib goes down then I have no doubt that SJB can handle the duties. This also gives us insurance in case Harris leaves next season and Webster doesn't pan out.
    3) C Travis Swanson - Arkansas - Perhaps the best center in the Draft. This would give us options at Guard by moving Ramirez back and the signing of Davin Joseph.
    4) WR Devin Street - Pittsburgh - It's very likely that Denver could double dip at the receiver position again (think 2010). Street would be a perfect #3 option and would battle Andre Caldwell for playing time down the stretch.
    5) RB Jerick Mckinnon - Georgie Southern - After going heavy in the draft on Defense, Denver selects another offensive weapon for Peyton. Denver lacks a playmaker from the running back position. Hillman was drafted to be that guy but has been a bust since. McKinnon is a playmaking threat and would provide Denver with that "home run threat" they lack from the RB position.
    6) LB Avery Williamson - Kentucky - Nice draft value her in the 6th. We draft another thumping linebacker to add to our run defense. I believe Trevethan and Irving could handle nickelback duties just fine. Spikes and drafting Williamson would bolster our already elite run defense.
    7) DE Larry Webster - Bloomsburgh - One of my sleepers in the draft. He looks the part but has very raw experience and a lot of learning to do. In a perfect world, he and Quanterrus Smith would be our premier pass rushers behind Von Miller.

    Potential Depth Chart
    QB - Manning, Osweiler, Dysert
    RB - Ball, Anderson, McKinnon (R), Hillman
    TE - J.Thomas, J.Tamme, V.Green
    WR - D.Thomas, B.Cooks (R), A.Caldwell
    SL - W.Welker, J.Abbrederis (R)
    LT - Clady, Clark
    LG - Joseph (FA),
    C - Ramirez, Swanson (R)
    RG - Vasquez, Garland
    RT - Franklin, Painter

    DE - Wolfe, Smith, Webster (R)
    DT - Knighton, Unrein
    DT - Williams, fUA
    DE - Ware (FA), Jackson, Youboty
    OLB - Miller, McCray
    MLB - Spikes (FA), Williamson (R)
    OLB - Trevethan, Irving
    CB - Talib (FA), Jean-Baptiste (R), Webster, Carter
    NB - Harris
    FS - Moore, Bruton
    SS - Ward (FA), Ihenacho

    Super Bowl


    • Donte Moncrief is very good. If we somehow got him, he would be in the rotation this year.


      • Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
        Dont forget about Gerrelle Robinson who was moved to TE, could replace Tamme and/or Dres.
        Dreessen is a good blocker, Tamme not so much. I would be skeptical of Robinson as an in line blocker.
        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


        • My 4 round (so far) mock draft

          I do a lot of research when I put my mock drafts together, but I do love hearing what everyone thinks. All picks are subject to change with our FA pick ups. I only have 4 rounds done, mainly because I wanted to release something before too much of free agency moves are done. I do each picks with three visions: My pick, a pick that should be done if the guy falls to us (I pick someone that has a chance to maybe fall), and what other websites who do mock drafts are saying (that is different player then my pick). So here we go!

          Round 1

          My Pick: Kony Ealy
          HT: 6'4" WT: 273LBS.
          POSITION: DE
          SCHOOL: Missouri
          ARM LENGTH: 34 1/4"
          HANDS: 9 1/2"

          He has been falling since his slow combine times. Since that people have been forgetting that has a go explosion off the line and is long. He does need some work with using his hands better, but so did Sly Williams, which Del Rio knows how to coach that up. I know there is questions on his talent because Micheal Sam out performed him. Ealy was caught up by more double teams which allowed Sam to take advantage of one on ones. Again once he figures out his hands he will be more dynamic then Dumervile. The best combine stat is that he posted the fastest 3 cone drill time of all DL and a faster time the Kyle Fuller and Dri Archer. You have to like 9.5 sacks, 43 tackles, 14.5 TFL, 3 FF, 6 passes broken up, and one 49 yard INT for TD.

          If he falls: CJ Mosely

          HT: 6'2" WT: 234LBS.
          POSITION: ILB
          SCHOOL: Alabama
          ARM LENGTH: 33 3/8"
          HANDS: 10 3/4"

          Questions on his durability has given plenty of teams to drop him out of the 1st round. Ive been pounding the table for the Broncos to grab a MLB in the draft the last 2 years, I wanted Hightower and Olgetree. So if we have a shot at the Alabama prospect then we really need to grab him. He is quick and instinctive with a nose for the ball. The Broncos will finally have a true MLB and great playmaker. Last year he totalled 103 tackles, 9 TFL, 1 FF, and 5 passes broken up. Kid is a stud.

          What everyone else is saying: Ryan Shazier LB Ohio St, Stephon Tuitt DE/DT Notre Dame, Bradley Roby CB Ohio St.

          Round 2

          My pick: Lamarcus Joyner

          HT: 5'8" WT: 184LBS.
          POSITION: CB/S
          SCHOOL: Florida St.
          ARM LENGTH: 31 1/2"
          HANDS: 9 1/2"

          Joyner is one of those players that can go at anytime during the 2nd round, so it might be a stretch to say he will make it to us. What he has against him is his size, 5’8” 184lbs. He doesnt fit the new Seattle DB scale. But I dare someone to tell me that he doesnt play like a 600lbs angry gorilla on the field. To tell the truth I didnt know too much about Joyner until I saw a mock draft had us taking him in the 3rd. I watch A LOT of game film since, he can hit. There are so many plays where he comes out of no where and lay a GIANT hit on the ball carrier. His 4.55 40 time is good but he is not burner. He can play center field very well as well as cover a slot receiver. This pick would be affected greatly by the signing of TJ Ward, but whats not to like of 2 INTs, 69 tackles, 7 TFL, 5.5 sacks 4 passes broken up, and 3 FF. He has been compared to Tyronn Mathieu, and last year he would have had a good chance at DROY if he didnt get hurt. Every team could use a dynamic tweener like Joyner.

          If he falls: Marcus Roberson
          HT: 6'0" WT: 191LBS.
          POSITION: CB
          SCHOOL: Florida
          ARM LENGTH: 31"
          HANDS: 9 1/4"


          Keith McGill
          HT: 6'3" WT: 211LBS.
          POSITION: CB
          SCHOOL: Utah
          ARM LENGTH: 33 1/4"
          HANDS: 10 1/4"

          This pick is hard. All three of these players are great and I would take anyone of them, but if all three were available I would still take Joyner. It would still be a hard choice. Roberson is a great playmaker with good hands and cover skills. He is toted to have the ability to cover the elite WR and to follow in the steps of former Florida alum Joe Haden.
          The reason why McGill is under if he falls category is because he is catching the attention of everybody lately. He can easily go early in the 2nd round. He has a great size and speed. He showed flashes of greatness in college but made a huge splash in at the Senior Bowl. His best feature in my opinion is his fluid movement, this kid can turn and burn to track down any WR.

          What everyone else is saying: Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska, Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbelt, Paul Richardson WR Colorado

          Round 3

          My pick: Yawin Smallwood
          HT: 6'2" WT: 246LBS.
          POSITION: ILB
          SCHOOL: Connecticut
          ARM LENGTH: 31 3/4"
          HANDS: 9 1/2"

          I might be a little crazy saying that he will make it to us in the 3rd round, since he is being considered as one of the high risers in this draft. This kid can be a stud, he is not there yet but everything I read about him says that he is very coachable. Last year he put up 111 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 8 pass broken up, 2 sacks, 1 INT, and 2 FF. Good numbers but if you watch his tape he at times can be slow to react and shed blocks with his hands. That being said, he has great straight line speed and great footwork. There is a ton of potential there but his numbers dont scream out All-Pro his rookie year.

          If he falls:

          Jeremiah Attaochu
          HT: 6'3" WT: 252LBS.
          POSITION: OLB
          SCHOOL: Georgia Tech
          ARM LENGTH: 33"
          HANDS: 9 7/8"

          One word can describe Attaochu consistency. He is always quick off the snap and moves to the backfield quickly. Last year he had 69 tackles, 10 sacks, 12 TFL, 2 passes blocked, and 12.5 sacks. Unfortunately the down side to him is that he gets controlled by bigger linemen plenty of times. He needs to get stronger and might be a little better suit for a OLB. But there is nothing that can be said negative about his relentless motor. He could be one of the best speed rushers in the draft once his hands develop. He could easily go early and I would take him quickly if everything falls correctly.

          What everyone else is saying: Jarred Abbrederis WR Wisconsin, Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin, Keith McGill CB Utah

          Round 4

          Dri Archer
          HT: 5'8" WT: 173LBS.
          POSITION: RB
          SCHOOL: Kent St.
          ARM LENGTH: 31"
          HANDS: 8 7/8"

          4.26. My favorite argument for Archer. Not only is this kid a straight burner but he can keep his feet under him better than anyone in this draft. I know his small but he has better ball security then Hillman does. He cant run between the hash marks and is said to work better as a slot receiver. Id say we use him for some Harvin-sk jet sweeps and as our special teams ace (since Holliday is long gone). I know many feel like he is a 5th rounder, but he will not make it to us in the 5th and we could use another x factor on our team.

          If he falls:

          Will Sutton
          HT: 6'0" WT: 303LBS.
          POSITION: DT
          SCHOOL: Arizona State
          ARM LENGTH: 31 1/4"
          HANDS: 10"

          Ive been big on Sutton for a couple of years. At ASU he has been a dominate force and that defense always seemed greatly weaker when he came off the field. His ability to get to the ball with a very effective spin move. He had a breakout year in 2013 recording 13 sacks. The next year was a down year, recording only 4 sacks, after he was told he needed to add weight. He simply did not add good weight. He is a tweener like Wolfe and given the right coaching and strength training he can return to that dominate player form 2013.

          What everyone else is saying: Jonathon Brown OLB Illinois, Brent Urban DE/DT Virginia, Walt Alkens CB Liberty.


          • TheBeasts Mock Offseason

            After the 3 big signings of Ware, Ward and Talib we look like an elite defense ready for another play off run, I think we are 3 players short on offence (C, G/OT, WR) to be as productive as last year.

            Reaming FA signings

            Pat Angerer - ILB

            Very talented linebacker still just 27 years old, injuries have held him back in recent years but if he remains healthy he would be a general in the middle for us. I say we give him a 1 year prove it deal worth about 5 mill with incentives and about 2 mill guaranteed.

            Michael Oher - OT

            Talented player has struggled with mental lapses in game but under the right coaching and the right players around him could be a very good player for us. I reckon we give him a 2 year 12 mill deal with about 5 mill in guarantees.


            Tamme and Dreessen to free cap space


            Trade our first round pick for a second a third and a seventh

            2a. Travis Swanson - C - 6'5 310

            Manny played well last year but we need to get a good line in place for when Manning retires. Swanson is not an elite C prospect like Mack and Mangold in years before but he is a tenacious player who would be able to challenge for a starting spot right away.

            2b. Yawin Smallwood - ILB - 6'4 240

            I know I have us signing Angerer in FA but thats to a one year deal and our lack of depth is worrying at ILB, Smallwood is a big, athletic player who has had production in his college days despite questionable D-line play infront of him. He will compete with Angerer for the starting spot and if he shows enough potential could be our starting inside linebacker in 2015.

            3a. Donte Moncrief - WR - 6'3 225

            Now Decker is a Jet we have a hole at WR that I think a guy like Moncrief can fill he is a big, physically gifted wideout who could develop into a match up nightmare, I can see him getting alot of playing time in his first year and he will get alot of targets with teams using there best players to cover DT, Orange Julius and Welker.

            3b. Marcus Smith - DE - 6'3 255

            Smith played really well last finishing second in the country with 14.5 sacks, He is an athletic, versatile DE who JDR will be able to use to create mismatches with Ware and Miller seeing alot of the double teams and Pot roast demanding extra attention in the middle, he could have a good year for us in the rotation with Wolfe and Jackson.

            4. Beau Allen - DT - 6'3 325

            Allen is a stout run stuffer to spell Knighton when he gets tired. Allen does not offer much in terms of pass rush but will be a good run stuffer for us on 3rd a short when we need a stop. He also has the potential in my opinion to develop into a starter for 2015 if Knighton leaves through FA.

            5. Dontae Johnson - CB - 6'2 205

            Johnson is a big physical corner which is what it appears Elway and Fox are looking for at the moment, I can see Johnson seeing time in sub packages possibly blitzing the QB from the Nickel or Dime package, He has a fair bit of speed ran a 4.45 at the combine so all the physical tools are there to let JDR mould him. he also is insurance if Harris and Carter move on next year.

            6. Colt Lyerla - TE - 6'4 245

            Very athletic TE who would make excellent depth and is another target for Manning to aim at.

            7a. Jalen Saunders - WR/KR - 5'9 165

            Speedy player who could make an immediate impact as a returner

            7b. Trey Burton - 6'3 230 - FB/WR/TE

            Unique player who will come into camp to compete in alot of postions, I see him as a practice squad player but in 2015 I think he could be a FB that this offence has been lacking.

            Go Broncos


            • Trey Burton isn't making it out of the 5th round even given injuries. He's just as good as Colt Lyerla but didn't quit his team and get arrested for drugs.
              Fightin' Texas Aggie c/o '16


              • Not bad and a pretty realistic mock.

                I don't know if Ealy will fall quite that far down to the bottom of the first round. I think he will be in Cincinnati's sights since they lost Michael Johnson, and I seriously doubt CJ Mosley falls down that far.

                I like Lamarcus Joyner as a second round projection, he is definitely a playmaker and a ballhawk, so I could see his selection.

                I really like Will Sutton. I think he would be a PERFECT addition to our rotation. The guy is really smart and has GREAT use of his hands and is naturally quick. He gained too much weight last season balooning up to 315, but if he stays around 300, look out. He would be an absolute steal at the bottom of the third round, and may be worth our pick in the second round. However it happens, I hope we end up with Sutton...and actually, ASU has a number of players I like, including safety Alden Darby and RB Marion Grice. If we could get either of those players in the 5th or 6th rounds, I would be thrilled with that.

                Jeremiah Attaochu is really climbing the boards, however, and McShay now has him at the bottom of the first round. His combine numbers were solid to go with a good week at the Sr Bowl and 12 sacks this past season for Georgia Tech, so he is probably a lock for the top 40. He is one of three undersized pass rushers in that second round area, along with Boise States Demarcus Lawrence and Louisville's Marcus Smith. All are about 6'3"-250, so a bit undersized as 4-3 DE's, but all of them can get after the QB.

                I would like Keith McGill to become our second round pick. I thought he looked really fluid in the drills at the Sr Bowl, so no complaints here if we select him.

                I agree Yawin Smallwood is a player to watch for that third round pick. He has good size and movement skills, and is pretty good in coverage, so he is definitely an interesting player.

                I think Archer goes higher than late 4th. His speed and return skills will get him over-drafted.
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                • Don't be surprised to see a Derek Wolfe scenario where the Broncos trade down into the early second round and take Chris Borland. He is a plug and play MIKE and plays 100mph with natural leadership skills, and would immediately solve the MIKE issue.

                  If the Broncos stay with the 31st selection, don't be surprised to see us select
                  UCLA OG Xavier Su'a-Filo. The chatter I am hearing on the local radio stations indicate the Broncos may have to look to the draft to replace Zane Beadles as there isn't much left in FA, and the Broncos want to protect the franchise.
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                  • Nice work. I always appreciate the time and energy it takes to get insightful mock drafts. I start looking at the mocks and scouting reports and I see quite a few players that somehow fit onto my wish list. Tough to predict how the Broncos will draft until free agency plays itself out.

                    Curious why you and several other mock drafts seem to be predicting DE early. IMO the d-line is looking solid as of now. Current DEs would be Ware, Wolfe, Jackson, Q. Smith and Youboty . Other needs seem higher priority.

                    Needs on defense are CB and ILB. Depending on free agency, both could be chosen early. Instead of Mosely I would prefer Shazier. His speed intrigues me behind the d-line the Broncos have.. Skov also could be interesting in the 2nd or possibly 3rd. Saw him play several times. He just makes big plays in big games.

                    I will not even try to predict what Elway and JDR would pick at CB. Webster came out of nowhere and hopefully can develop.

                    On offense, I would love to see a top center picked early. Martin or Swanson can both play guard and can be future starters but provide quality depth now.

                    At WR I really would love to see Lee fall to the Broncos. Not likely though. assuming a WR will be picked in top four rounds. all depends on what type of WR they want to add. Game breaking speed or bigger tougher style.

                    Even a Carlos Hyde type pounder could be useful if no free agent RB surfaces.

                    Tough to predict order or needs. But as of today the top Bronco priorities in no particular order should be: CB, WR, RB, o-line, ILB


                    • Need a LG good enough to start.
                      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


                      • New mock draft

                        Trade 1st round pick for the 40th overall pick and a 4th round pick.
                        Trade 4th round pick for future 2015 3rd round pick.
                        2. keith McGill CB Utah adds depth, Harris is recovering from an ACL, Good size and speed combination.
                        2. Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State- good pass blocker and run blocker. One of my favorite players in the draft.
                        3. Avery Williamson OLB Kentucky- line backer depth
                        4.Devin Street WR Pittsburgh
                        5. Ahmad Dixon FS Baylor
                        6. Chidera Uzo Diribe DE Colorado
                        7. Isiah Burse WR Fresno State
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                        • I like your thinking in this draft and trading out of the first round if we can but not sure if McGill is worth the 40th pick.
                          Thanks for sharing this mock with us.


                          • The reason why I went DE on the first because, as everyone knows, our pass rush was terrible near the end of the season. Phillips was our highest producing DE and he is gone, yes we replaced him with Ware but let me continue. Will Wolfe be the same player? I hope so. Ayers is probably out, Von is coming off of injury, Q's potential is extremely high but will he reach it in in his first year after an injury? I'm not sure. Youboty was an undrafted FA so he is a big mystery. With all that I feel like we should add at least one huge play maker that we could have for years.

                            I really don't feel like we will go G too early. I've heard a lot of talk of shuffling the line, franklin to guard and Clark to RT, and drafting for depth.

                            The main reason why I think Archer might get to us in the 4th is he is a smaller guy. He doesn't have a huge frame to add more bulk. He keeps his feet under him so well though. Grabbing a return specialist in the 3rd I think is too high.

                            When it comes to ILB, with exception of a few players, the difference of talent between the backer ranked in the 2nd-3rd is n


                            • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                              Need a LG good enough to start.
                              We should be able to get a starting LG in the 4th or later.

                              A tall corner who can start/ develop will be important for us. (rounds 1-3)
                              A plug-and-play MLB is a big need (Rounds 1-3)
                              A WR (preferably tall and large) is a need with DT & JT coming due next season (rounds- 1-3)

                              4th Onwards:

                              RB, LG (a slash player would be ideal), & a KR/PR

                              I also think this years UDFA's will be rich with diamonds in the rough.