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    Originally posted by bgpatsfan View Post
    Incognito is very good. But I don't think he is really an option for anyone... isnt he in a mental facility right now?
    Yeah, last I heard. He took a bat to his Ferrari and someone called the cops but he told them everything was ok and he was the one who did it.
    "Oh that was that was just me venting, that was self expression, that's a piece of art," Incognito told Fox 10. "The happiest day of my life was when I got that car and now the second happiest day will be when I donate it to charity."


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      Is it safe to say that nobody else is coming our way in free agency? Seems like anybody that would be worth taking is asking too much


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        There may be no more Bronco signings until after the draft.
        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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          There was a slant I read on mhr this morning that mentioned how the Broncos signed one of the key free agents last year after the draft by acquiring Shaun Phillips..

          We can be positive in that the Broncos have a formulated plan in both the draft and in free agency in how they plan to approach retooling the offensive line

          I wonder if part of the plan is to wait and see what other players will become available as teams make further adjustments to their respective rosters to go along with the free agents that are all ready currently available..


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            Still feel we need to cut Dressen and seriously contemplate Tamme. That 5m could be put to better use imo. Would love to pick Zuttah up on the cheap to back up OC if Tampa cuts him.
            Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots