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Supposedly CJ Mosley's Stock is Slipping

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    Originally posted by bgpatsfan View Post
    Yes, some Bama players have underwhelmed. But to say that Telvin Smith is a better Mike LB prospect than Mosley is flat out ridiculous. Telvin Smith who is probably 215 lbs? Way too small.

    Mosley is pretty much the unanimous top ILB prospect. There are plenty of Bama players who are studs. Like everyone else said, Dareus is pretty much the Von Miller of DTs; he is a beast on the field when he is focused, but has some focus and off the field concerns. Mosley has top instincts and is a great athlete; he was actually compared to Lavonte David by CBSSports.

    From a patriots fan's perspective on Bama players, Hightower has been incredibly solid. He is pretty big (270lbs) but moves great for his size. Some say that he should drop 10 or 15 lbs, but I think BB likes the size as more of a thumper in the middle. He is an elite run defender and about as solid a tackler as you can be. He also excels at blitzing because he is pretty much bowls over RBs who step up to block him. He is ok in coverage, a lot of his struggles in coverage are overstated. He was actually one of the better LBs in coverage for the pats last year. Spikes was the real liability in coverage.

    Overall, Hightower is an above average Mike linebacker in the NFL who I believe has pro bowl potential next season playing alongside Mayo and Collins. I think Mosley has the same potential with maybe a little higher upside because he is more of a fluid athlete. I expect Mosley drafted in the first 20-25 picks.
    Spikes allowed just 66.7% comp. 10.6 ypc, 1 TD, 1 PD, 1 INT, 84.0 passer rating.

    Spikes was 14th of 92 ILBs in terms of receptions allowed per snap in coverage, 1 reception every 13.8 snaps in coverage.

    Saw that on twitter.

    Also, Hightower is essentially a 2-down LB, you think he'll be in nickel over Collins or Mayo when NE goes 5+ DB's?

    Wouldnt say horrible in coverage but not his strong suit either.

    Mosely isnt awful but i dont see him as this sure-thing like some do on here. If he's there at 31, sure, but i see a lot of risks with him.


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      Originally posted by japfaff View Post
      Borland cant cover.....I love him as a first and second down player, but he wont be on the field in passing situations.
      This is my concern. The MIKE position is changing. 10 years ago, I wouldn't have as many questions surrounding Borland, but with teams throwing the ball now more than ever, his imitations in coverage have to be a concern


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        I did make the proclamation that if he was there I was convinced that the Broncos would draft him and I was wrong in doing so..That was just speculation and it has zero relevancy in what the Broncos will actually do ..

        He is is a player that I would be happy with but I'm not as struck with him as to say..That he is only player in the first that I would consider drafting...Although he is at the top or near the top of the list I have mind .. If others disagree by all means I also respect their perspective as well...Personally I have a couple of LB's in mind at every round of the draft ..

        The Alabama aspect does not registry with me ..the injury aspect don't bother me as much either..For reasons being if he is to be drafted he will be poked,prodded and examined to a great extent before a team will draft him..if there is anything sinister there his decent will be far greater than what is being applied in the reasoning of why his stock is slipping ..

        Everything is all there with him as far as instincts and athletic ability..he is a fluid well schooled athlete

        To play devils advocate...My biggest concern about him would be his frame..When reading his measurements they look the part but it don't give a real a good indication of his actual size..I could see where his injuries would be a concern there..

        I think the worse case scenario outside of something that is unforeseeable.. Is that he would not be able to handle the rigors of the position and would be better suited as a WLB ..Which is not identical to but is similar in what is being asked about Shazier as well ..

        I think outside of wanting the Broncos to address a different position or not being particularly interested in him enough to warrant drafting him the first..Makes for acceptable reasons as to why not to draft him..Questioning him on the level of talent he has exhibited is not one of them though..He has very much earned the praise he has gotten to this point ..


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          My three favorite LBs for us are Shazier, Tripp, and Pierre Louis. I think our D is at its best when we have big time speed at the LB spot. Our 3 man front of Wolfe, Sly/Vick, TK does a real good job of keeping our LBs clean and able to gang tackle the ball carrier. Our run d has been very good, even with undersized LBs at MLB and WSLB. Ware, what use to be Doom's role, gives us the look of a 4-3 by playing close to the line. But whether that guy puts his hand down or not is not a big deal.

          With our offense, the D needs to be built vs the pass first, then the run, but ideally our LBs would be good against both. The last 2 years we have held ball carriers to about 3.5 ypc...last year avg was inflated because we faced a lot of running QBs, but RBs had little success.

          Taking a guy like Shazier or Tripp, who are not pure ILB is just fine if they can become exceptional coverage guys. Trev is pretty good in this area and also diagnoses the play pretty quick to come up and stuff the runs. Add in TJ and I think a LB tilted toward pass coverage is the correct way to go.
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