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  • Roby will be just fine. The front office did their due diligence on the young man and they spent long hours on tapes, interviews and scouting on him, more than any of us put together.

    By the way, Champ Bailey gave up a few at Georgia. I'm sure Deion Sanders did also. Don't judge him on 1 game or 2-3 plays. Have confidence in the pick and let him get to work.

    We gave DRC a chance and succeeded. We're giving Talib the same. Lets give Roby the opportunity.


    • I am a huge fan of the pick now, I was confused but now it all makes sense.


      • Originally posted by Lavi View Post
        I am a huge fan of the pick now, I was confused but now it all makes sense.
        Liked the pick then. Love it now!

        Way to prove yourself, young man!


        • It's funny to see the change in opinions on this kid. I didn't see much of him in college, but trusted our front office to make the right decision. He was a steal where we got him, and has a bright future with us...very impressed with him.


          • Legions of fans also disliked the Von Miller pick, saying he was not good a fit, etc. Maybe we should just let the front office do its job and judge later.


            • i always thought he had the talent to be a top ten kind of pick. ohio state for some reason insisted on using him off his man, where his skill set is definitely better for bump and run. he is a perfect fit for denver, and I am glad we have him. He would be a number 1 corner on a number of teams across the league, and after next year, he will be one of our starting 2 (because we pry cut talib). If the improvement from this year to next year is any indication, I am excited to see what this kid does next year
              Is it draft day yet?


              • Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
                I'm going to guess you are basing this off of that Wisconsin lowlight real they showed?

                The dude is athletic and can be coached up. I love the pick especially for where we got him at.
                Hello Stranger, my how I love your optimism.


                • Actually, there were only a handful of people who were down on the pick. I haven't seen most of those people post here in a while either. For the most part, the concerns were warranted, but mostly optimistic.

                  I got a kick out of this post, in particular. Not poking fun at the poster, it's just funny how things worked out.

                  Not a huge fan of this pick....I just don't see the film on this guy that makes him worthy of a first round pick. Looks a lot like a work out warrior to me. For months all the talk is about what a strong draft class this is....and to come away with Roby makes me scratch my head..

                  Hopefully tomorrow brings us Chris Boreland


                  • Ha ha. I started reading the first posts of this thread and couldn't believe what I was seeing after this season. I finally looked at the post date and understood. I'm glad we got him. He's been a huge difference maker for us since he's been on the team.