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    Originally posted by Kansas Bob View Post
    Josh, I agree with you that he could be somewhat of a reach. I never heard of Paradis before Saturday's draft but since then I have heard a lot of good things about him and several statements that he may be our starting center of the future. Look at the bright side, in a year or two you may be the first to attach "BUST" to his name. ha ha
    We need to wait two or three years before doing final judgement on him! lol As for now, I chose to trust in Elway and his staff's judgement over these "would be scouts" that do mock drafts. lol
    I heard of the guy since the combine

    Im not calling him a bust, the kid displays amazing footwork only surpassed by Johnson and Ikard and leverage capability on par with Ikard and only surpassed by Johnson Stone and Harrison. Hes got better endurance then Ikard which was the knock that dropped him off the draft boards, but has horrible length compared to any of the players I mentioned. Its not needed to have a C who can block downfield but it would be nice and he isnt very good at that.

    Still with Johnson off the draft board and with harrisons issues combined with his and Stones footwork problems. The only player ild consider drafting ahead of him at this position is Ikard, who can improve his endurance through training which in all honest Paradis needs anyway. I like the kids supposed personality hes a hard worker so I do hope he succeeds. He may have shorter arms then Walton and even worse endurance (waltons main problems besides injury though he has better leverage with a stronger lower body and can sweep a bit better) from what ive seen and read but he will get time to improve which is whats best
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