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[OFFICIAL]2015 GM Game Rules and Discussion Thread

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  • [OFFICIAL]2015 GM Game Rules and Discussion Thread

    Read everything in my first couple of posts. I would not waste my time typing all of this stuff out if it wasn't necessary. Also, I suggest that you Subscribe to this thread in order to stay as informed as possible over the coming weeks. CP is very much appreciated (give it to Berlow). Running this game is a lot of work.

    This game is a standing tradition for the last few years, and will continue to be so this year. For new players, you are responsible for GM-ing a team through the draft and trades to make your team better. This year we will be making a number of changes which is why I posting this thread early. For those interested in playing we will be discussing and voting on some minor and major rule changes. On March 1st I will post a new thread for signups. Veterans will get a two day head start and will have the option to retain their team if they were good GMs and made all their picks last year. Otherwise the teams are first come first serve.

    I'm not looking for someone to grade this. Grades are subjective and inaccurate and lead to unneeded hostility when it is impossible to accurately grade how a GM does.

    I am looking for an assistant as I'm a new commissioner. Veteran GMs are encouraged to apply.

    Here are some links from last years game in case any of the new people would like to see how it goes. The rules this year will be similar.

    Overall Rules -
    Trades -
    Draft Selection -


    And now for that part that you've all been waiting for, the timeline:

    Sign-Ups for returning players: 3/1
    Sign-Ups for new players (to fill the vacant GM spots): 3/3 at 12:01am EST (1 minute after midnight)

    Sorry JL, you did a good job last year but the GM-ship of the Broncos is going to continue to be a revolving door. You will not automatically be able to return to that team, but as a returning vet you have first priority on any open GM spot. Also, you can throw your name into the Broncos mix if you wish - maybe you'll get lucky again. The GM of the Broncos will be chosen randomly. Anyone interested needs to post so in this thread during the sign-up period. A random drawing will happen on the 10th and the Broncos GM spot will be awarded. A new player will not have the opportunity to GM the Broncos. You must prove yourself worthy first.

    ***Returning GMs - you must post in the Sign Up thread declaring your intention to return to Team X. I will not automatically assume that you want to play again. Failure to notify me by the deadline above will most likely result in your GM spot being filled by someone else. If you are interesting in changing teams, you must indicate such in your post. Include the name of the team you had last year, and a statement listing the team(s) you'd like to have this year. Hopefully you'll be able to read each other's posts and see which of the other returning vets is interesting in swapping, and then you can work it out amongst yourselves.

    ***Returning Asst. GMs - You are eligible to sign up for a team during the first window, but you have to sign up for an open team or find an old GM willing to relinquish theirs, since all GMs from last year have first priority on their squad.

    ***New GMs - At 12:01am EST(1 minute after midnight) on the 3rd, new players can sign up (in this thread) with their order of preference and will be given GM spots on a first come, first serve basis.

    Of course, if you are looking to be an assistant GM, then post here in this thread and work something out with one of the returning players. You do not have to wait until the 3rd to sign up for an assistant GM position.

    Legal Tampering: TBD
    Trading Period: TBD- 3/17
    Draft: 3/18-3/25 (32 picks per day)

    A Draft Rules/Discussion thread will be created at a later date with more concrete details about the draft. A TBD day trading window is plenty of time to get all your stuff done. Things will start off hot with a lot of action, and naturally taper off before the draft. All trades will need to be Visitor Messaged to me by midnight on the 16th, as that is the final deadline.

    ALL OF THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! But I will try to give everyone ample time to adjust.

    FAIR WARNING: If you miss three (or more) of your assigned draft slots, you will be considered an INACTIVE GM. This game is getting more and more popular every year, so if we have people that aren't up to snuff they're gonna get the boot. I think we had 3-4 GMs last year not quite up to snuff, and so they will not be guaranteed a spot as a returning GM.


    Potential Rule Changes
    2016 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounders as available trade bait for 2015 Draft Picks only
    -This will not carry over to future GM game years

    Start our trade period on the 10th with locked free agents or wait 36 hours and start it on the 11th.

    Please keep all discussion of the 2015 GM Game in this thread. I would like you to vote on the above two rule changes if you would like to play. On the 28th I will tally the votes and update the rules in this thread and also in the yet to be created Sign Up Thread
    Denver Broncos GM
    Originally posted by Mosk
    Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale

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    Trade Rules

    Commissioner - THEdraftnik

    TC/Verifier - THEdraftnik
    TC- BroncoFanBoy
    TC- Berlownacyo7s
    TC- broncos SB2010
    TC- MHS

    I would like for an even number of veterans to apply to review trades. This is a demanding position and returning members of the trade council will be accepted with open arms.

    Ok guys, here's the deal. All trades must be approved/disapproved by THE COUNCIL. This is to keep the game legitimate, not to spoil the fun. In other words, DO NOT FIRE UP MADDEN 25 TO DEVISE ANY TRADES BECAUSE THEY WILL BE LAUGHED AT AND REJECTED! Let’s keep it as realistic as possible please (only free agents and players known to be on trade block or possible cap casualties can be traded). I know some of you like the idea of trading away great players, but all decisions will ultimately have to be approved by the council. If 3 of the 5 above people do not think the trade should pass, then it will not be allowed. Sorry, that's just the way it is. It's nothing personal. You're always welcome to change up and re-submit your trade for another vote if you want to.

    Also, once a player has been traded they are not eligible to be re-traded. This issue happened a couple of times in the past, but it really kills this realism of the game. Unless you are working on some sort of three team trade (in which case notify me of your intention to re-deal the player), do not expect to be able to trade for QB Joe Dude one day and then turn around and trade him away the next. It'll get rejected immediately.

    Since I am the verifier on the trade council you will submit all trades to me directly via visitor messages. This can be found here. Then I will quickly check to see if it is valid or not. If valid, I will vote on it and pass it along to the other 4 members of the trade council for voting. If invalid, I will respond to your PM and let you know where the problem is. I am normally on quite a bit during the afternoon/evening, so feel free to PM me if you have questions. Please use an accurate subject line in ALL messages sent to me. Examples: "Broncos/Browns Trade" or "Draft Order Question". If you have trouble memorizing my user name for the messages just remember: it's really easy, just learn it.

    My intention is to gather all of the trades for the day and send them off to the rest of the council in a nightly message for a mass approval/disapproval vote some time around 9:00 PM (central) or so. Hopefully the rest of the trade council will be able to respond some time the next day, allowing me to officially post the accepted trades roughly 24 hours after they were submitted. So if you're looking to get your trades through quickly I recommend that you submit them before it gets too late in the day.

    But seriously guys, if we all just use the same reference for our draft order (the one I've posted below) and keep track of what all we've done, there is really no reason besides sloppy GM-ing to submit invalid trades. Please remember what pick(s) you trade so that you don't accidentally trade the same pick twice. If you are on top of your game and propose reasonable trades then they should move through the system quickly. Only one GM (of the teams involved in the trade) needs to send me the trade. I don't need duplicate messages clogging up my PM box. And please, do not send me any trade that has not been completely agreed upon by all parties involved. I don't want to have to rescind trades because one person submitted it for council approval before the other GM actually consented.

    I know I'm pretty picky about this, but PLEASE use this EXACT formatting when submitting trades to me:


    Denver Broncos receive:
    QB Brady Quinn

    Cleveland Browns receive:
    RB Peyton Hillis
    6th round pick (### overall)


    Include position and name for all players; round and overall number for draft picks. If you don't I will probably try to interpret what you intended, but I might just send it back to you as invalid - it'll really just depened on how nice I'm feeling at the moment. Either way you probably don't want to tick me off by sending my sloppy trades since I control one of the five votes that determine the trade's fate.

    This year I'm going to be a lot more strict about to formatting. It's not that tough guys. Please please please just use the exact order I noted above. It makes posting the accepted trades SOOOOOO much easier. I wasted so much time last year trying to figure out you guys trade proposals and I'm not doing that again this time. This is visible to others, so if you don't want to be that guy who can't submit a trade, learn how to submit a trade.


    HELPFUL TIP - It's very useful to post your Trade Block and/or Draft Picks in the Biography section of your profile. If your sig is big enough to hold it, that would obviously be a lot better, but ever since they re-sized those it's getting harder and harder to do that. You can look at my profile for a template example if you wish.
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    Denver Broncos GM
    Originally posted by Mosk
    Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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      2014 GM List
      Originally posted by Berlownacyo7s
      NFC East
      Dallas Cowboys - RealBronco
      New York Giants – Kyousukeneko
      Philadelphia Eagles – ChangAlang24
      Washington Redskins - THEdraftnik

      NFC North
      Chicago Bears - broncos SB2010; Asst – Al Wilson 4 Mayor
      Detroit Lions – astalker3
      Green Bay Packers - skate_d3
      Minnesota Vikings - akbroncoguy

      NFC South
      Atlanta Falcons - HDbroncos02
      Carolina Panthers - Gsam
      New Orleans Saints - Aussie Bronc
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Matymaddog

      NFC West
      Arizona Cardinals – uknflfan
      San Francisco 49ers - berlownacyo7s
      Seattle Seahawks – CTM
      St. Louis Rams - SecondsAway131; Asst - 100%Broncoholic

      AFC East
      Buffalo Bills – JakeNbake
      Miami Dolphins - BroncoFanBoy
      New England Patriots - Ringo56
      New York Jets – *Atwater*

      AFC North
      Baltimore Ravens - ClintLB8
      Cincinatti Bengals – orangeblood7
      Cleveland Browns – Charlie Brown
      Pittsburgh Steelers - SoundsOfSuccess

      AFC South
      Houston Texans -
      Indianapolis Colts – chad72
      Jacksonville Jaguars – FlowdaBroncoFan
      Tennessee Titans - Mosk

      AFC West
      Kansas City Chiefs – canadiansbronco
      Oakland Raiders – MHS
      San Diego Chargers – #87Birdman; Asst. – cdumler7
      Denver Broncos – johnlimburg

      These guys started the game, but then had to be replaced due to inactivity or had to back out for other reasons:

      #24 Next Champ
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      Denver Broncos GM
      Originally posted by Mosk
      Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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        Draft Order

        Round 1
        1. Tampa Bay (2-14)
        2. Tennessee (2-14)
        3. Jacksonville (3-13)
        4. Oakland (3-13)
        5. Washington (4-12)
        6. New York Jets (4-12)
        7. Chicago (5-11)
        8. Atlanta (6-10)
        9. New York Giants (6-10)
        10. St. Louis (6-10)
        11. Minnesota (7-9)
        12. Cleveland (7-9)
        13. New Orleans (7-9)
        14. Miami (8-8)
        15. San Francisco (8-8)
        16. Houston (9-7)
        17. San Diego (9-7)
        18. Kansas City (9-7)
        19. Cleveland - from Buffalo (9-7)
        20. Philadelphia (10-6)
        21. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        22. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        23. Detroit* (11-5)
        24. Arizona* (11-5)
        25. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        26. Baltimore* (10-6)
        27. Dallas* (12-4)
        28. Denver* (12-4)
        29. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        30. Green Bay* (12-4)
        31. Seattle* (12-4)
        32. New England* (12-4)

        Round 2
        33. Tennessee (2-14)
        34. Tampa Bay (2-14)
        35. Oakland (3-13)
        36. Jacksonville (3-13)
        37. New York Jets (4-12)
        38. Washington (4-12)
        39. Chicago (5-11)
        40. New York Giants (6-10)
        41. St. Louis (6-10)
        42. Atlanta (6-10)
        43. Cleveland (7-9)
        44. New Orleans (7-9)
        45. Minnesota (7-9)
        46. San Francisco (8-8)
        47. Miami (8-8)
        48. San Diego (9-7)
        49. Kansas City (9-7)
        50. Buffalo (9-7)
        51. Houston (9-7)
        52. Philadelphia (10-6)
        53. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        54. Detroit* (11-5)
        55. Arizona* (11-5)
        56. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        57. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        58. Baltimore* (10-6)
        59. Denver* (12-4)
        60. Dallas* (12-4)
        61. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        62. Green Bay* (12-4)
        63. Seattle* (12-4)
        64. New England* (12-4)

        Round 3
        65. Tampa Bay (2-14)
        66. Tennessee (2-14)
        67. Jacksonville (3-13)
        68. Oakland (3-13)
        69. Washington (4-12)
        70. New York Jets (4-12)
        71. Chicago (5-11)
        72. St. Louis (6-10)
        73. Atlanta (6-10)
        74. New York Giants (6-10)
        75. New Orleans (7-9)
        76. Minnesota (7-9)
        77. Cleveland (7-9)
        78. Miami (8-8)
        79. San Francisco (8-8)
        80. Kansas City (9-7)
        81. Buffalo (9-7)
        82. Houston (9-7)
        83. San Diego (9-7)
        84. Philadelphia (10-6)
        85. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        86. Arizona* (11-5)
        87. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        88. Detroit* (11-5)
        89. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        90. Baltimore* (10-6)
        91. Dallas* (12-4)
        92. Denver* (12-4)
        93. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        94. Green Bay* (12-4)
        95. Seattle* (12-4)
        96. New England* (12-4)

        Round 4
        97. Tennessee (2-14)
        98. New England - from Tampa Bay (2-14)
        99. Oakland (3-13)
        100. Jacksonville (3-13)
        101. New York Jets (4-12)
        102. Washington (4-12)
        103. Chicago (5-11)
        104. Atlanta (6-10)
        105. New York Giants (6-10)
        106. Tampa Bay - from St. Louis (6-10)
        107. Minnesota (7-9)
        108. Cleveland (7-9)
        109. New Orleans (7-9)
        110. Philadelphia - from Buffalo via San Francisco (8-8)
        111. Miami (8-8)
        112. Cleveland - from Buffalo (9-7)
        113. Houston (9-7)
        114. San Diego (9-7)
        115. Kansas City (9-7)
        116. Philadelphia (10-6)
        117. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        118. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        119. Detroit* (11-5)
        120. Arizona* (11-5)
        121. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        122. Baltimore* (10-6)
        123. San Francisco - from Denver* (12-4)
        124. Dallas* (12-4)
        125. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        126. Green Bay* (12-4)
        127. Seattle* (12-4)
        128. New England* (12-4)

        Round 5
        129. Buffalo - from Tampa Bay (2-14)
        130. Tennessee (2-14)
        131. Jacksonville (3-13)
        132. Oakland (3-13)
        133. Washington (4-12)
        134. New York Jets (4-12)
        135. Denver - from Chicago (5-11)
        136. New York Giants (6-10)
        137. St. Louis (6-10)
        138. Atlanta (6-10)
        139. Cleveland (7-9)
        140. New Orleans (7-9)
        141. Minnesota (7-9)
        142. Miami (8-8)
        143. San Francisco (8-8)
        144. Houston (9-7)
        145. San Diego (9-7)
        146. Kansas City (9-7)
        147. Buffalo (9-7)
        148. Philadelphia (10-6)
        149. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        150. Detroit* (11-5)
        151. Arizona* (11-5)
        152. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        153. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        154. Tampa Bay - from Baltimore* (10-6)
        155. Dallas* (12-4)
        156. Denver* (12-4)
        157. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        158. Green Bay* (12-4)
        159. Seattle* (12-4)
        160. New England* (12-4)

        Round 6
        161. Tennessee (2-14)
        162. Tampa Bay (2-14)
        163. Oakland (3-13)
        164. Jacksonville (3-13)
        165. New York Jets (4-12)
        166. Washington (4-12)
        167. Chicago (5-11)
        168. Tampa Bay - from St. Louis (6-10)
        169. Atlanta (6-10)
        170. New York Giants (6-10)
        171. New Orleans (7-9)
        172. Minnesota (7-9)
        173. Cleveland (7-9)
        174. San Francisco (8-8)
        175. Miami (8-8)
        176. San Diego (9-7)
        177. Kansas City (9-7)
        178. Buffalo (9-7)
        179. Houston (9-7)
        180. Philadelphia (10-6)
        181. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        182. Arizona* (11-5)
        183. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        184. Detroit* (11-5)
        185. Carolina* (7-8-1)
        186. Cleveland - from Baltimore* (10-6)
        187. Denver* (12-4)
        188. Baltimore - from Dallas* (12-4)
        189. Indianapolis* (11-5)
        190. Green Bay* (12-4)
        191. Indianapolis - from Seattle* (12-4)
        192. New England* (12-4)

        Round 7
        193. Tampa Bay (2-14)
        194. Tennessee (2-14)
        195. Jacksonville (3-13)
        196. Oakland (3-13)
        197. Washington (4-12)
        198. New York Jets (4-12)
        199. Chicago (5-11)
        200. Atlanta (6-10)
        201. New York Giants (6-10)
        202. St. Louis (6-10)
        203. Minnesota (7-9)
        204. Cleveland (7-9)
        205. New Orleans (7-9)
        206. Baltimore - from Miami (8-8)
        207. Miami - from San Francisco (8-8)
        208. Kansas City (9-7)
        209. Buffalo (9-7)
        210. Houston (9-7)
        211. Dallas - from San Diego (9-7)
        212. Carolina - from Philadelphia (10-6)
        213. Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
        214. Pittsburgh* (11-5)
        215. Detroit* (11-5)
        216. Arizona* (11-5)
        217. Carolina* (7-8-1)

        Hopefully Compensatory picks will be announced early enough to be added to our draft. If not we will proceed with this draft order.
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        Denver Broncos GM
        Originally posted by Mosk
        Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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          I am most likely going to keep the Jags, unless I can be the Broncos GM!
          Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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            My order of interest is Denver, Atlanta, Philly Houston, Buffalo, and then Washington if I have to stick.
            Denver Broncos GM
            Originally posted by Mosk
            Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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              I want:
              Denver, Tampa, and if I can't have either, I'll stay with Miami.

              2014 Pick'Em Challenge Champion
              Proud Fan of the 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos


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                Btw Draftnik, I'm willing to be on the trade council.

                2014 Pick'Em Challenge Champion
                Proud Fan of the 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos


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                  My order of interest is Atlanta, Jacksonville, Titans, Cincinnati, and then return to Baltimore.
                  Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM


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                    My order:

                    San Fran
                    Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                      Lots want Atlanta today. Good thing I'm not going for them.

                      2014 Pick'Em Challenge Champion
                      Proud Fan of the 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos


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                        Please remember to vote on the potential rule changes in Post 1.
                        Denver Broncos GM
                        Originally posted by Mosk
                        Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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                          1. I vote to not use picks for next year. I am still on the fence really, but I think they be abused.

                          2. I vote we start on 10th.
                          Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                            Originally posted by THEdraftnik View Post
                            Please remember to vote on the potential rule changes in Post 1.
                            CMT has allowed me to take over SEA, with Ringo as my assistant.

                            I vote for future draft picks, but I also vote for it to carry over with the GM Game as well
                            "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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                              Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
                              CMT has allowed me to take over SEA, with Ringo as my assistant. BTW where do we vote?
                              No poll or anything, so just vote here.
                              Denver Broncos GM
                              Originally posted by Mosk
                              Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale