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  • I would like Brock to lead the offense next season. I think Peyton should retire, he won his second Super Bowl and I think we can use the money to resign Von and more defensive key players.

    What do you guys think of Thomas? He gets a huge salary but hasn't played that well this year. He dropped way to many balls ...


    • Aside from the crazy Luck prediction, Manning coming back probably isn't a totally crazy proposition. Brock deep down may be upset at how he was treated and could very well go chase a bigger deal in LA, Houston or Cleveland. In that case, I think Elway would be left with little choice but to bring back PM and draft a replacement to groom for a year.


      • Teams value 1st round picks entirely too much. Secondly, Elway would be smart to sign Marshall to an extension anyway.

        I'd try to keep Danny as long as he can be had on a market value deal or something like KJ Wright got, around 6.7 a year.


        • Luck would get tagged twice in a row if they cant reach a deal.

          Peyton is physically done, his body knows it, i just hope he retires so Elway wont have to cut him.

          I wouldnt be surprised if Brock went for the money.


          • Sounds like a really fun daydream or fantasy to ponder. Enjoy it. My daydream has him returning and Osweiler develops into a top 10 QB. But that is just me

            But I just do not see the reality of it. Manning is done. His body is giving him clear messages. He just needs to listen and retire with some dignity.

            I would not fault Osweiler for going elsewhere, Not because of some imagined grudge but because of the potential business move. He has to "feed his family " too. In reality the Broncos can not be the highest bidder. Just does not fit the team needs or budget.

            Osweiler will likely be given a modest contract offer by Elway and a significant offer by another GM. How big of the gap and the sales pitch with it will be interesting.

            If Osweiler returns to Denver he will have the best chance to win in a comfortable environment with the team that took a chance on him. Likely for a very nice paycheck. But he will always have his detractors that do not think much of him. And more importantly will always be negatively compared to MVP PFM instead of the old guy that currently wears that jersey.

            There will be a very real chance that another team will offer much more. Not just millions more per year but the chance to be " the Man". for example. Being the face of the franchise in L.A. To be on every poster or media interview. To be the face of the franchise for a new L.A market. Have to admit it would be pretty intoxicating stuff for a young man feeling he is ready to be "the Man".

            It is going to be interesting to see which scenario actually develops. What offers are actually made to him. Then how he actually plays on the field. Because after all the ink dries on the contracts or the promises made it comes down to him proving he deserves the attention and contract wherever he lands. Just like every other player on a team.


            • Good "Bold prediction" MHC but I think Denver will sign Brock to a two year (show us) contract for about $12 mil per year and then start looking for Brocks replacement in the draft or FA.
              I predict Jackson is gone but most of the rest of the defense remains, the defense leads us to another Super Bowl and Brock leads the team to a last second win showing Denver that he is a $20M QB after all.
              I hope Brock continues to learn and can work on a quicker release too. Good luck to Manning in the future. He has been a great Bronco for the last four years!