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    CB Mackensie Alexander
    DE Robert Nkemdiche
    DE Jonathan Bullard
    S Karl Joseph
    OT Jason Spriggs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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      Paxton Lynch - QB prospect who would need to sit for a year to absorb WCO.

      Kevin Dodd - 4/5 tech.

      Noah Spence - OLB and pass rusher (can't have too many of those)

      Vernon Butler - 0/1/2/3/4/5 tech.

      Jason Spriggs - good Left Tackle prospect who could be developed while providing needed depth at that spot.
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        Darron Lee... is my #1 but not any real chance of him being there at 31
        Kevin Dodd ... not likely to be there at 31 but you never know perfect size and speed for our system at DE
        Jonathan Bullard... most likely to be there at 31, seems dedicated to the game and doesn't miss tackles, a little short but mostly the right size to play DE in our system.
        Chris Jones ... good size, could play inside or outside along the DL
        Robert Nkemdiche ... if none of the others are there, which I doubt then I would roll the dice on him. I almost want the Broncos to draft him just to see how it turns out ... somewhat high risk with possible high reward.

        ** I like Shaq Lawson too but his size might fit better to a 4-3 DE than what our system is and I doubt he will be available at 31.
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          1. Christian Hackenberg
          2. Robert Nkemdiche
          3. Su'a Cravens
          4. Jaylon Smith
          5. Kendall Fuller/Mackensie Alexander

          of these 6, I bet 2-3 are perennial Pro Bowlers. I don't know how they fit into the Broncos draft, but these guys will be hits.


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            1. Christian Hackenberg, QB Penn State - probably one of the smartest QB's in the draft who was at the mercy of a terrible o-line that skewed his stats and consistency. I think he'll show much more progression when he has a team like us who can actually groom him and not expect him to be making plays all the time. I don't think Lynch will be there at 31 and I'd rather not trade up for him, I don't really like Cook from Michigan St. at the first round spot either (character issues?), I'd be totally okay with getting Hackenberg with our 31st even if people consider it a reach.

            2. Sheldon Day - Right next to Jaylon Smith, he was the 2nd most important playmaker on the Notre Dame defense. All he does is consistently make plays and one of the hardest workers off the field on the team. Measurables and combine do not mean nothing besides to increase draft positions, I don't think it should be something to deter teams away from him.

            3. Matthew Ioannidis, Temple DE - Reminds me of Derek Wolfe, strong as a bull and always where the play is happening, definitely Temples best player on the team. I wouldn't mind using a 3rd rounder on him.

            4. Jaylon Smith LB ND - If he's there in the 3rd we should do something to try and get him. I firmly believe his nerves will heal and a 3rd rounder for a guy who is basically a top 10 pick in the draft? Worth the risk.

            5. Cyrus Jones CB Alabama - Smaller guy with a chip on his shoulders that plays press and can return kicks.

            Edit: I read the original directions wrong, these are just some players I'd like for the Broncos to go for that will be available in their spots.


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              Originally posted by listopencil View Post
              I bumped my 'Mayock's Top Five At Each Position 3.0" thread to get an idea and put a link in there to his new "4.0" list. But I still don't know who I want as top five for our first overall pick. I guess I like Nkemdiche, Chris Jones, Ifedi, Spriggs and I'll throw Lynch in there if he falls (doubtful).
              Ugh, I'll go ahead and make this a list.

              3)Chris Jones


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                  I hope that this is our guy at 31. Or 37 once we trade back for Kap.
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                    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we traded back a round if Nkemdiche and Lynch are not there. Which, it's looking likely that neither will be. Nkemdiche will probably go to the Seahawks and Lynch to someone like the Browns much earlier than most are predicting.

                    If that scenario does happen and we get a high to mid round 2nd, then we could still potentially pick Cravens up. With how deep this draft is defensively, I think trying to hoard picks may be the smartest approach.
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                      Cravens is now #4 on Mike Mayock's top 5 positional list. He has moved up. His stock is rising at the right time.


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                        Never heard of the guy. I just watched some of his Highlights and holy smokes he is great. I would love to trade up in the second and get him. Nkemdiche in the first and Su'a in the second. This defense will add tons of speed, we will be even faster than last year.


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                          Originally posted by Gbt31 View Post
                          I wouldn't be disappointed. I do like the sub package approach, especially since losing Trevathon, not only did we lose a great MLB, we lost our best coverage LB. Cravens could replace him in our sub package sets.
                          DT was a great cover linebacker no doubt about that but I believe Corey Nelson could be even better.

                          As far as Su'a, I would not mind that pick at all. We also need to replace David Brutons production and this could be the guy to do it.

                          I believe the Broncos will go BPA with the number 31 pic and I hope Robert Nkemdiche is there but a lot of people have Denver taking Karl Joseph because he more than likely be the best player available with that pick.

                          I don't agree with that even though he's a great player but we have 2 great safeties right now so why would we take Joseph unlesd they are planning on losing one of those starting safeties in free agency.


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                            How Many First Round Trades Do You Foresee?

                            Now Cleveland is rumoured to be in trade talks. They mention Elliott as the main source of interest.

                            Two huge trades already, and probably more.....making this one of the most dynamic 1st rounds ever.

                            Given the potential QB frenzy, and the usual "needs" of some teams, I expect at least another 2 trades within round one. Heck, we might be in one of them, whether it be trading up or back.

                            What's your gut feeling on this?


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                              I have a feeling this draft will be a zoo. So many specific player needs and so much movement already.

                              I expect at least 2 more moves in he first round.


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                                4 for a total of 6
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