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Ian Rappaport: Romo most likely destination in offseason: Broncos

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    It's a little ironic that Romo could potentially land here as he almost was a Bronco signed as an UDFA. Shanny wanted him and offered him more signing bonus money but he chose the Cowboys because he thought he had a better chance of making the roster. Things could've shaken out very differently if Romo was in the wings ready to take over when Shanny wanted to move on from Plummer.

    Honestly, I think there's very little chance of this happening. I'd be really concerned with Romo's injury history and whether he could hold up over a full season. No question if healthy he would be, right now, an upgrade over Siemian. But, Siemian can still improve and grow as a player and I'd be interested to see how he looks next season with a full season of playing experience under his belt.

    If we end up feeling like we need a vet QB who can start the full season for us I think there's actually a better chance that Cutler would end up being that guy. There's almost no chance Chicago keeps him on the roster going into next season with his current contract. Sure he's had his injury issues and has missed time as well but his haven't been as critical as Romo's and he had some of his best seasons with us and the offense Shanny ran which is similar to what we have now.

    I doubt that situation comes up because of the way Siemian has looked when healthy, and if Siemian can continue to improve and Lynch develops my guess is we wouldn't look at adding a high profile vet QB to the roster.
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