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    It sounds nice, and I don't believe father time hits as rapid as people here seem to think (Peyton's issues had a lot to do with injuries and surrounding talent/scheme), but I think our front office will sacrifice a good shot at one super bowl to develop a team (and young QBs) that is a contender for the next decade. I think they like both Siemian and Lynch, and bringing in a veteran QB (Romo is more realistic) will be very disruptive to their growth and allowing them to naturally grow into leadership roles on the team. I don't see the upside.


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      Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
      In general I agree but Blake IMO is a much better QB than Romo at this stage. If we were to have drafted lineman to protect our QB then this wouldn't even be coming up. Ultimately though I see two potential scenarios occuring...

      1. We try to deal Trevor hard and get top draft picks if we like Paxton. Target a guy like Romo and have a vet work with Lynch directly to make him better.

      2. Get Blake if he's let go and see who wins between Lynch, Trevor and Blake... keep the top two as starters and then deal the third prior to the trade deadline.

      Either way we need to use our picks to truly bolster our line with guys who can play NOW. not in a year or two.
      Well time will tell. I still carry the opinion that we'll find success behind our line regardless of the QB behind the long as the line is addressed. Anyways, can we afford Romo or Bortles and what they'll be asking? Elway is a businessman and will not give huge contracts simply because of a QB's name. Elway will likely prioritize offensive linemen who command large contracts.
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        Originally posted by Chrissy View Post
        Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
        Why on earth would we want to take Romo over Trevor or Lynch? Also why would Romo want to come here when our OL is awful and he hasn't played a full season in years? To stay in line with this thread as much as I hate to type this publicly we'd be far better off with Brady. Who to date has had relatively minor injuries and played nearly every eligible game in his career.

        Even then though I still think Trevor and Lynch are better here together for our team then having us move on and bringing in another QB. Our true focus should be on Joe Thomas or a player like him as well as a top tier RT and or another power/ aggressive guard. - ie address the OL and our QB play will likely improve.
        I was being sarcastic guys, btw lol. I don't want Romo anywhere near this team either. It's just funny how the media and fans now always seem to connect old QBs to Denver to chase rings.
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          Even if Brady* became available, he isn't gonna run a scheme other than his own. Who do we bring in to run it? Kubiak may be flexible, but I doubt it. He did that experiment once and it took the defense to make it successful.
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