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    Originally posted by Murph2432 View Post
    To add to this! All the pressure to win now, Pressure of preceding manning, Kubiak not being himself this year, and the poor play calling.
    Then he folded under that pressure. He played his worst when we needed to win the most.


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      Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
      Then he folded under that pressure. He played his worst when we needed to win the most.
      Everyone folded when we need them the most. Our defense didn't do use any favors in that crucial KC game.


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        Originally posted by JW7 View Post
        Because in relation to Cousins, Siemian has shown much more in my opinion in year two than Cousins showed in his first three years combined. It wasn't until years 4-5 that he showed to be a good qb. Why does Cousins get a pass and not Siemian.

        Why do you assume that he will not get better with more experience? I think the people bet on him being replaced don't understand that a QB needs protection and a run game to be successful. Paxton was painfully worse than Siemian in his two starts this year. It just seems like you're not being objective and you don't like the guy.
        couldn't be farther from the truth. I went to the broncos TC and posted here that I thought Siemian should be the starter based on what I saw. Most people here blasted me for it.

        During the course of the season, Siemian couldn't build on his early success and seemed to regress. He often couldn't hit open receivers and just couldn't move the chains. Sure he may get better, as I said in my original post, it has only been the 1 season. I just don't see that happening. He was just too inconsistent and really struggled with the short passing game. It's not like he was a superstar in college and he has this huge upside with some development.


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          Guys..... none of this matters. Kirk Cousins isn't leaving Washington. Stop trying to compare. It won't happen. I think we will roll into 2017 with these 2 in competition, and maybe sign a street vet. We will only get Romo if he is cut or comes really cheap with restructured contract.
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