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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    Good Points. I think Zach Martin is the player with whom Forrest Lamp is most often compared and he might even become a better player. Like you said, even if he didn't play Tackle, he'd do great at some spot.

    If McCaffrey is available at #20, he'd be a great temptation, but I think some pretty good RBs would still be available in the 4th round due to the depth at that position this year.
    I agree but he is far more than just a RB. That is the real temptation.


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      Originally posted by fraguela09 View Post
      Cowboys certainly don't regret drafting Zach Martin at 16. I mean, if you were to guarantee it.... would you prefer an All Pro over an All Pro RB right now.

      We do have CJ and and 2 draft pick RBs from last year (and it seems finding quality RBs is easier than OL).....

      Anyway... I believe you build from the inside out.... especially when you have young QBs.... don't want them Seeing ghosts or developing happy feet or bad habits (or taking a beating).

      With our young QB.... the most important thing is solidifying the LOS. So, while it may not be sexy.... Lamp at 20 might be a smart decision.

      Now, given out state of OL, and fact OG seems to be set....
      Still, who cares.

      Lamp-Paradis-Leary would be a solid interior front.
      Keep in mind that it's the "Draft Gurus" who have Lamp moving to Guard. He played Left Tackle for most of his college career. But just because his arm isn't one inch longer, he can't play that position in the NFL? I'm not buying that at all. Would Lamp make a good Guard? I would assume so, but we really don't have a lot to go on with that. I like the guy as a Draft Pick more than I like the Tackle prospects.