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What do we do with Shaq Barrett?

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    Originally posted by ArchAngel View Post
    He had now where else to go but up! It was still below starter level. ALOT of the outside runs went to his side, with major gains. Im just not convinced Ray is an every down backer.
    thats okay. I'm not convinced of what you're saying. Doesn't make either of us right.


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      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      Shaquil Barrett isn't going anywhere besides Bronco TC. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he will be on the roster. He was an ERFA this year and was tendered $615,000. He will be a RFA next year, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's re-signed before then. He's a keeper, Defensive MVP of the 2013 New Mexico Bowl.
      Agree...ERFA's don't have much option other than play for the tendered amount for 1yr or not play in the league. Next year is a different story he'll be a RFA which means we have the right to assign a draft pick value to him in case he's signed by another team. I suspect we will or at least should negotiate a long term deal sometime this year heading into his RFA year.

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