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Will ryan ramczyk be Available beyond the number 20 pick

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    Ryan Ramczyk is easily a first round talent and before his surgery and concerns were raised about his injury he was a projected top 10 pick on the CBS draft prospects board at the end of the college football season. If we want Ryan Ramczyk at 20th overall we should just pull the trigger and not even consider trading down. I would be very happy with any of the top 4 tackles at 20 and feel they are all worthy of the pick.

    I feel like this tackle class is being really underrated and refered to as weak at the top end because there isn't any guy projected to be a top 5-10 pick. That is true, there isn't an elite tackle prospect however there are 4 guys who are easily worthy of the 20th-32nd pick, Ramczyk, Robinson, Bolles and Lamp. I could easily see a run being made on these guys in the 20's after the first guy comes off the board hopefully at 20 to the Denver Broncos. However after these 4 guys the talent at the position really drops off and I don't see a guy who is worthy of a top 100 pick after them who could come in and be a day 1 starter.

    In short, there is no elite prospect at the tackle position, and there is no depth in the middle rounds, however there are 4 guys projected between 15-35 who should be high on the Broncos board come draft day.


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      Originally posted by -Rod- View Post
      I think they could go, but probably won't. I would not be shocked. This is a deep class and there might be a run on defensive backs late in the 1st round, so perhaps there will be only 3 or 4 offensive linemen going in the 1st.

      The Panthers and the Bengals have OT issues. The Panthers are gambling on Matt Kalil at LT and I believe they don't have a quality RT on the roster. Cedric Ogbuehi has struggled for the Bengals and their other options are Jake Fisher and an over-the-hill Andre Smith. Top 10 is too rich for the o-linemen from this class, but one of these teams might reach for Cam Robinson because of his potential and physical traits.

      The Colts and Ravens have issues at RT. At #15 and #16, that's where the o-linemen might start to go.

      The Bucs might want to move Donovan Smith to G or RT if they can get one of the top OTs from this class.

      Broncos: logical landing spot for any of the top o-linemen.

      Then late in the 1st round there are the Dolphins looking for a LG because Tunsil is moving to LT; the Giants have o-line issues because Ereck Flowers apparently is not a good fit at LT; the Packers need a guard to replace T.J. Lang and the Falcons also need a guard to replace Chris Chester.

      So, would I be surprised if 4 o-linemen go in the top 30 and the Falcons draft Dion Dawkins at #31? No.
      If that many teams need OT and all top OT prospects are gone, then that would mean McCaffrey would probably be available at 20 then right? If not CMac, then definitely a top defensive player like Haason Reddick or maybe even Foster becoming available could be a reality. Can't see us passing on those.
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        Ramczyk is the best LT in the draft. I think Robinson is a guard. If he is not available at 20. The Broncos should trade back and sign Dunlap.