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  • If you had to pick one..

    You are John Elway.

    It is the 20th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and the Denver Broncos are on the clock.

    If you had to pick one of these options, which do you pick? Why?

    A) Malik Mcdowell - DL - Michigan State

    B) Jabrill Peppers - S/LB - Michigan

    C) Jarrad Davis - LB - Florida

    D) Chidobe Awuzie - CB - Colorado

    E) John Ross - WR - Washington
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    I would pick E with a coin flip win over C. This is why you interview guys too. Everyone of these guys have been projected to go above or below 20 by the so-called Mock experts. They are all very talented and could be useful to us.


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      Jarrad Davis- he is a stand up kid who 0lays faster than his time. He is aggressive and hits like a truck. He fits what we need in a MLB. He is great against the run and has the speed and athleticism to defend the pass as well.

      He should replace our Davis!
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        Trade out of the first with Cleveland to get their 2nd and 4th round picks


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          Peppers, just an all around versatile player that can do it all.....offense, defense and special teams


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            Originally posted by Orangecrush21 View Post
            Trade out of the first with Cleveland to get their 2nd and 4th round picks
            I didn't see that choice?
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              If I'd have to pick from that bunch, it'd be between A and C. Ultimately, I'd take McDowell. He has the highest ceiling of anyone on that list, but he is lazy at times. Get Wolfe, Peko, and Kollar to get him going, and he could be scary good.
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                I would pick Jarrad Davis.

                Reason being McDowell is not a first round talent IMO due to his inconsistency. Peppers does not fill a specific need. We can pick up a very good DB later in this draft so Awuzie is out. I like John Ross, but I think ILB is a bigger need than WR and good receivers will be available later.


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                  McDowell or Davis. I am always a fan of making the Defense better and they can fill areas of need on our Defense.

                  I don't see the hype for Peppers. I think he is overrated. Cornerback at the first pick is way too high considering it's not a need.


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                    E. Ross........


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                      McDowell scares me as he took a ton of plays off for MSU last year. I would take Peppers as he is versatile on Defense, offense and special teams. Ross intrigues me with his speed, would Sanders go to slot?


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                        Interesting group to select from. I like all of them for a variety of reasons. Not really a bad choice among them

                        First off, Peppers, Ross and Awuzie are close but not my preference. #3-5 of that list.

                        McDowell has tremendous upside but his motor is questioned. Really close to being my top pick. Potential to be a dominant dlineman is very intriguing.

                        Leaves Davis. My only reservation would be his ability to move inside. If coaches see his best position as an OLB it could sway my vote towards McDowell.

                        Not what you asked, but I would be inclined to choose Adoree Jackson over any on this list. Absolutely a draft reach, but an explosive playmaker in the return game and in the secondary. Young man is going to have an impact in the League IMO.


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                          Hard to argure against a guy that runs a 40 in 4.22 when you need a KR/PR/3RD WR.
                          Hed instantly fill 3 roles, right away.
                          Would still probally go after a OT in the early rounds and either trade up to 31 or 32 or to the top of the 2nd for another impact player.

                          Just the voids on the OL is too big of a liability to spend high picks else where.
                          What do i know....


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                            I'll take Peppers. Insane football IQ and incredibly athletic. He'd find himself a role on our D, and can be our return man.
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                              Originally posted by SecondsAway131 View Post
                              I'll take Peppers. Insane football IQ and incredibly athletic. He'd find himself a role on our D, and can be our return man.
                              Agree 100%