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My ideas for the 2018 off season

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  • My ideas for the 2018 off season

    It sounds like Joseph and much of his staff will stay in Denver at least one more season so there isn't much use drafting a QB in the first three or four rounds. It has been shown that our coaching staff doesn't know how to help a young QB to develop. So here is my idea on how to work with our problems:
    use the draft and free agency to strength our OL and keep our defense strong,
    Practice more on the special teams. trying to reduce turnovers is very important to any team, especially a team that is a QB problem.
    Have Siemian get a idea appointment so he can tell from a distance our receivers from the oppponents. Work with Siemian to look off DB's so they don't follow his eyes to where he is planning on throwing the ball!
    Improve our scouting personel. Find someone besides John to make the final decisions on who gets drafted.
    Our defense is still good enough to win many games IF the offense and special teams reduce the turnovers. Anyone else have any more suggestions.

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    Siemian should not be back next year, terrible idea. Elway will not have someone promoted above him in the FO. "Isn't much use to drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds"? What lol


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      Originally posted by Papa-pwn
      "Isn't much use to drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds"? What lol
      Who is going to help him break in? A QB can not make it in today's NFL sitting on e bench.