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    My asking price would be 3 firsts and 2 second rounders. Plus an o lineman lol
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      Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
      Trading him does actually open up cap space because the Broncos penalty is for signing bonus only, the guarantee for his 2018 salary goes with him. Whereas cutting him would include a cap penalty for his 2018 salary as well. So trading him pre June 1 would open up $12.5 million in cap space, post June 1 would open up $19 million in cap space.

      Regardless it's a bad idea and would be opening up one hole to try and fill another (no guarantee either player would sign in Denver, especially when you remove the best defensive player from the team), and you'd be drafting a D End hoping they can develop into being somewhere close to as good as Miller.
      This is the part I just don't agree with. There were 25 teams that won more games than us without VM on their team. Ever since the SB, we have seen our talent level go down, bad drafts have not helped the situation. VM would be a key player we could move to start the rebuild. Granted, this is not a typical move for the NFL, but we do see it all the time in Baseball. This is just a speculative scenario, but

      Von Miller to Tenn for Jack Conklin (no I don't think they would trade him anyways) plus #25 pick. RT is solved in a big way. Take 12M cap savings and sign Norwell, OG is solved in a big way and both these guys are under 25 years old. Go into the draft and grab DE Chubb and DT Harrison Phillips at 25. You end up with two good pieces on the OL and the DL. This is just an example.

      Point being is Chubb does not need to be close to what Miller is, he just needs to be a good DE, if he does not work out, well that is the risk with all draft picks; however, Conklin and Norwell are proven and give us a much, much better chance to develop or recruit a FA QB we start this year will want to play behind our OL. It is going to take a bold move to fix this team. Throwing a bunch of rookies at the problem typically does not work.
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