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    Originally posted by ThreeGees View Post
    There's 4 QB needy teams in top 6 (CLE, NYG, DEN & NYJ), If SF can't hold onto JG, that's 5 in the top 10
    Cousins will fill one of them holes. If we don’t land Cousins I can see us jumping up a spot or 2 to get our guy.


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      The truth about Baker Mayfield is he only gets better and the teams that don't draft him will regret it. Hopefully Denver isn't one of those teams

      Mackenzie Caroline Asher
      Not only did the Oklahoma quarterback attend Mackenzie’s funeral service Tuesday in Oklahoma City, he spoke at it.
      “I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a platform where I get to meet special people, people that have impacted lives,” Mayfield said. “But I’ve never fell for somebody as fast as I have with Mackenzie. Her smile was infectious. Her heart. Her bravery. Her courage. That’s something I like to pride myself on, but it’ll never compare to her.”
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        Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
        You are not a fan of Mayfield but there are many who are including our own Elway. The whole mock was based off the fact Cousins was signed by Minnesota. Allen Robinson is a legit #1 WR that would come with a fairly cheap price tag and would be an upgrade over an aging Sanders.

        You have a problem with spending money on the offensive line? So you want to keep Garcia? I guess I'm a little confused as to what you think fixed means. There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying for a couple of good guards. Paradis and Bolles are still pretty cheap contracts and the upgrade is desperately needed, it makes sense to me.

        The idea behind keeping Marshall for 1 more year is to let Jefferson slowly adjust to the league than let him and Davis take over the next year. I didn't spell that out but that was my thought. Imo, Talib is going get cut. What would be your choice to replace him? Trumaine Johnson would be available too but he would demand almost as much as Talib so that signing wouldn't happen. My thought was CHJ and Roby be the outside corners and Prince in the nickle. Maybe not ideal but I don't think Denver has a player on the roster that could do any better.
        Our own elway was also a fan of Brock and Paxton lol!!