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Who's your NON 1st Round man crush?

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    Originally posted by TheLumberjacks View Post
    Mike Gesicki, TE. Penn State. Threat in the seam a la Julius Thomas.
    I think he's a better blocker than Julius Thomas, but that isn't saying much.
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      Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
      if mcglinchey drops that far i will be serious surprised
      Undertood but st this point until the top 2 or 3 tackles seperate themselves from the rest, im guessing that this is about where the 2nd or 3rd tackle comes off the baord
      I need more Oline, please and thank you


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        Originally posted by conannilsen View Post
        TJ Edwards, if he gets out of the first round anyway. ranked as 1-3rd round. Id be umped if we passed on Smith but Edwards was still there in rd 2.
        I really like Edwards too, but he returned for Senior year.
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