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Talib For Foles, yes or no?

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    Originally posted by SaltySnipes View Post
    Not to mention pats didn’t even play Malcom butler lol
    I see a lot of people making excuses for foles success. Philly had ton of injuries....even if it was the play calling foles still had to throw the ball......
    My boy JUSTIN FIELDS whats up man..."BACK THEN THEY DIDN'TWANT YOU, NOW YOU HOT THEY ALL ON YA." I may know just a "lil" about qbs....but not too much.


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      No. Foles for Brock, yes.


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        If we did go Nick Foles, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to go Baker Mayfield... since they both are RPO guys. Nick has done it effectively at the highest level. It would allow the coaches AND Mayfield to meld the offensive philosophy into the ability of those guys and give Mayfield time to learn within that system.

        Interesting thought.


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          No to trading Talib and HELL!!!! NO!!!!!! to Kirk Cousins.
          You're Wrong!
          Recognize That You're Wrong!
          Move On


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            Respectfully - the Eagles would have no interest in talib when we have Sydney jones coming in this year, Darby, mills and a developing rasul Douglas. The Eagles are more likely to trade a CB (Darby) than trade for one...and that doesn't even take cap into account, or how Wentz insurance is probably more valuable right now than any CB.

            If they trade Foles...and I'm not sure if they will...a big piece will be for cap relief and restocking picks. I don't know what he's worth...I wouldn't trade a first for him, but someone might. I think we also would respect Foles wishes and we probably wouldn't send him to the Browns or jets.

            My guess btw - buffalo.