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Could Ron Rivera be let go next year ?

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  • Could Ron Rivera be let go next year ?

    If the Panthers sell, Could Rivera be an option for Denver? I believe so . He is a def minded coach and built a pretty good team . Definitely has an eye for talent. What say you ?

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    He's picked two bad OCs in a row, and that will cost him his job. I can't see Elway hiring a HC with such a poor track record with OCs given that the O is a massive weakness right now. I think he'll go with an offensive coach as the next HC.


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      Would he really be let go though? Their track record is all in all, pretty good. They've gone to the SB once, and made playoffs under that offense. Under Rivera, the Panthers have become a pretty balanced team that is tough to beat. If it wasn't for their division being so ridiculously tough they probably would have gone to the NFCCG based on the teams they beat: Patriots, Vikings, Packers (with Rodgers), Falcons. Compared to VJ, who has accomplished...nothing, I'd take Rivera without any hesitation.
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        Dont like him. He defends Cams behavior.

        Narrow minded? Yes. But it is what it is.