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it'd be a miss take to pass on shaquem Griffen

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  • it'd be a miss take to pass on shaquem Griffen

    he would be a starting gunner worst case Day one year 2 or 3 i believe he could move into the starting lber role shortly. i think he would be amazing value and is a per foot ball player. he would be a first or second round pick with 2 hands getting him the late could end up being a complete steal. his leadership is great. he shows up biggest at the biggest time. i have been watching him for a while and he has always impressed him. he is an energizer bunny. he has a great attitude and gets every one flying with him . i feel that energy and his abilitys translating to the special teams.
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    I think he'd certainly be intriguing to pair up with Marshall. If we are looking for a LB with our 2nd rounder I'm sure with that performance his name should be in the discussion.

    It's not like he's just a workout warrior either, he has some great tape and was very productive. A lot of people had him as a mid-late rounder because of his hand but I think this combine will make a lot of people see him as a legit late-1 early 2nd rounder.
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      It depends. I don’t expect us to draft him in the first 2 rounds. And depending on who is there in the 3rd round maybe not. In rounds 4-7 I feel like it would be a mistake to pass on him. I have my doubts about his hand and guys will knowingly exploit it I seen them do it in college but he makes enough plays to make up for the ones he misses.


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        I think the third round is where he’ll come into the picture. We have our third and a comp pick also in the third, I’d like the pick with either.
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          I just watched his Auburn game film on YouTube, and the dude is a baller. The hand makes a difference, but he has Von Miller elusiveness as a pass rusher, it’s crazy. If the dude had two hands and same drive and motor he would easily be a first rounder.

          I think our second is too high still, but I’d pull the trigger on our first third rounder.
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            So we are all in agreement that we will take him in the 3rd? Cool
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