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Trevor Siemian traded to Vikings

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    Originally posted by Zealander View Post

    I wouldn't say it was a "big error",

    I am surprised to see Siemian off the roster and Lynch is still with us. I see Siemian as a better option at #2, for now... and for the foreseeable future. Pretty sure this means Siemian had better trade value than Lynch though so, we are where we are for a reason.
    I agree that trevor's trade value was higher, I also think that Paxton still being on his rookie contract...and therefore is dirt cheap...likely had something to do with it as well.

    That said, if we do go qb in the first round of the draft. it wouldnt surprise me if Paxton were relegated back to 3rd on the depth chart, possibly the practice squad....if not outright released.


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      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      In two seasons as a starter, Trevor Siemain showed he is a backup QB in the NFL. Sending him to Minnesota was good for him, the Vikings and the Broncos. Same as when Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets. It was best for all parties concerned.
      How did that help the Jets? Lol

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        Originally posted by Brakshow View Post
        How did that help the Jets? Lol
        One would need to pose that question to them. They are the ones who traded for the Tim. They had an opportunity to use him, but put him on Punt team as PP. There was criticism from a Jets assistant coach about how it was handled. Sparano (Jets' OC 2012) left after 2012 and Rex lasted two more seasons.

        With the signing of Peyton Manning in 2012, there was no chance for TT in Denver. Elway did him a favor trading him to NYJ. Their unwillingness or inability to use TT in a similar way to his 2011 season is on them. The Jets' OC was Tony Sparano who had used the so-called "Wildcat" (simplified Single Wing) concocted with Bill Parcells in Miami, so one would imagine a package of plays along those lines could have been developed as a change of pace. That is probably why Elway put together a deal with them.

        Same with Trevor Siemian. In two seasons in Denver he showed that he is a backup QB. Denver had him, an unknown and a work in progress when they signed Case Keenum. Minnesota had one QB on their roster when they signed Kirk Cousins (i.e., Kyle Sloter), so they needed a backup QB. Sending Trevor to Minnesota did him a favor and will benefit Denver with Minnesota's 5th round pick next year, I believe.

        That is all.
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