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    So it appears Elway got his guy. I’m ok with the Keenum signing and think he’s the best QB option we’ve had in the past 3 seasons, so well done on an upgrade there John. The Tremaine Brock signing is just “meh” in my book, definitely an upgrade over Langley but huge downgrade from Talib, but I think Roby is ready to fill Aqib’s role so I don’t think we got any worse at CB. I despise the fact that we have Todd Davis money, that guy has been stealing a paycheck for 3 years in Denver, him and Marshall easily make up the worst pair of starting ILBs in the league. For some strange reason Elway does not know how to improve this position, so he keeps throwing trash at it. With that said overall I’m disappointed in what we’ve done in FA so far, but if John were to make the moves below, or something similar, I would be ok with it;

    Free Agents;
    RB Kenjon Barner (great option as the 3rd RB behind CJ and Booker, and an obvious upgrade at KR.)

    WR Jarius Wright (someone Case is familiar with, and a great option as the slot guy.)

    RT Cameron Fleming (I don’t understand what’s taking John so long on this. Fleming isn’t getting a lot of interest, could be a nice bargain signing and potentially our solution at RT)

    3 middle of the road bargain signings we don’t need to break the bank on, but are necessary guys to add.


    1. DB Minkah Fitzpatrick
    If we stay at 5 and go BPA this is the guy.

    2. ILB Leighton Vander Esch
    Again, we badly need an upgrade inside, maybe Elway sobers up long enough on draft day to actually recognize this.

    After that it’s all gravy from there. Still think we are a 6-10 team at best with our current coaching staff, but the pieces are in place to be decent in a couple years.

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    Elway loves def. I think it will be Chubb or Fitz. if we stay at 5. Our D kept us in a lot of games last yr. even though the off. almost always sputtered. If CK plays like he did last yr. we'll be in the playoffs. The o-line will be upgraded one way or the other. Not sure a 2nd rnd OT will be able to start as a rookie.


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      At this point I am sure Bills will move ahead of us to take a QB.

      IMO our prime draft goal should be to add OL and offensive talent to the team.

      When Sanders and DT both carry a combined cap hit of 30 mil in 2019 ... we may find ourselves with no established offensive talent if 2019 works out like recent history has been working out for the OL

      With that said the DB pick may not be a bad idea....Roby will be a free agent in 2019. CHJr in 2020. We been pushing so many cap hits into 2019 I am starting to think signing Roby may be difficult in 2019.
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        If they don't sign anymore FA, heres to hoping they resign some guys with that money

        With the qb push, i dont know how it will shake put but im seeing esch go mid 20s in a lot of mocks since the combine. Particularly the steelers.
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          I wish. Bang on addressing ILB and S. There are many options for weapons on offense, and this brings turnovers.
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            Agreed on the Steelers, VanderEsch, Smith, or Edmunds have to go there. Just ahead of Pitt trading up in round 1 Would be ideal for a second pick in this draft to land one of those 3.
            2016 GM for the Buffalo Bills.


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              If we dont get one of the top guys, i wouldnt mind griffen in with a 3rd and say jewell in 4th or 5th. I know theres other guys out there but this is just an example. But i do want shaq in the 3rd. Hes got the athleticism and desire. Pretty sure hes got the smarts too.
              Glen Haven Fire