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  • Draft Pick Cap Space Misnomer

    I've read a few places where people keep saying that Denver needs about $9 million in cap space in order to sign draft picks. I just wanted to start a thread to point out that isn't accurate. In the offseason the salary cap is based on the top 51 players signed. When Denver signs a draft pick it will bump a player from that list. So if they signed their first round pick to a $4.5 million dollar contract, it would bump someone with a $550K salary from that list, which means they need about $4 million, not $4.5 million. And that keeps going with all of the picks, although some won't even make the top 51 list and won't be counted against the cap.

    The bottom 10 players counting against Denver's salary cap right now amount to a value of $5,956,325. So if the Broncos were to use $9 million in order to sign their draft picks, they would only need about $3.1 million in available cap space.
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    Thanks for that, good point.
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      Thanks Butler!