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John Elway wins the World Series of NFL Poker

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    Originally posted by Southern Bronco View Post
    Love me some John Elway- and I suspect he has a great poker face and is an excellent negotiator, etc. That said- think in this case it was nothing more than holding his ground in case CLE “went rogue” with their picks and something great fell in his lap- or being prepared to move down. More like Draft 101- but well-executed all the same.
    this...Cleveland screwed the pooch yet again. Its just like your fantasy draft when some clown reaches.


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      The "poker" part was Elway showing plenty of interest in Baker Mayfield until the end, when, in reality, the target at QB was Sam Darnold. Cecil Lammey was able to get the same info before the draft, saying Darnold was the Broncos target at QB.

      Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Bradley Chubb. Or trade back with the Buffalo Bills.

      According to league sources familiar with the Broncos’ draft plan, the team had cooled on quarterback Baker Mayfield. Even had he slipped past the Cleveland Browns’ No. 1 overall draft selection, even had the New York Jets not taken him at No. 3, the Broncos were not going to take Mayfield at No. 5.

      Darnold was Elway’s guy among the Big 4, a quarterback group that also included Josh Rosen and Josh Allen. But Elway was also high on Barkley, the sensational running back from Penn State, and Chubb, the pass-rushing defensive end with the revved motor from North Carolina State.
      Barkley, Darnold, Chubb.

      Those were Elway's guys. If none of them were there, the Broncos would have traded down.


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        It played out like I thought it would. Plan A was QB if the right one dropped to us (Darnold according to Lammey). Plan B was Barkley or Chubb if one fell to us. Plan C was trade back if the QB we wanted and Barkley and Chubb were off the board. What we'll never know is if we would have taken Ward rather than trade back. The twist of Cleveland not taking Chubb at 4 was unexpected, but it worked out for us. I think this was a well thought-through draft, executed with patience. I don't think it was poker so much as just having flexibility and contingency plans in place.