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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    Chad's cast was on from right after his surgery in April, I believe, and came off in July. I don't think he started throwing right away. He needed PT to regain flexibility, strength and mass. He did throw some later in October or so, I think, but apparently it was decided to give him more time to heal and get back in shape.

    I found it interesting that he was on the sideline for the games including road contests. Being afforded a seat on the plane is indicative of something. Maybe they wanted to keep him close and out of trouble.
    there where some articles about him throwing when the broncos could reactivate him so it will be good a chunk he has been throwing but reviews where actually positive from what i have read. he also has been in meeting and ect.
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      Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
      I too am looking forward to Kelly. For the record my comments in my previous post largely are centered around Lynch. I just don't understand why we wouldn't try to kick him to the curb and bring in another guy who might prove to be a better player.

      Here's Hoping
      Elway gave a press conference when asked why not to draft another QB? he said, "we're not kicking paxton to the curb." I think this is indicative that coaches foresee $wag Kelley winning the backup competition.