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    Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
    My comment was a response to someone saying the coaching staff doesn't really value the position in today's NFL, and I was pointing out the lack of commitment to the position which has existed for years, and how it has extended beyond just this coaching staff. I didn't say a single word about Johnson, I have zero issue with him being cut. But the facts are John Elway has not been committed early in the draft to trying to find a linebacker to play in the middle of the field.
    they could seen something in Bierra also i believe he started on the ps.

    either way i really like Devin White or Mack Wilson. both are just beasts. they have great range, good coverage skills, good run defense, good size and good speed. you can't get much better then either one of them coming out of college.

    i also like TJ edwards he has great technique which has lead him to be one of the better coverage backers in the college. there may be questions on his speed. but he is at least fast enough to do well in coverage and has the technique to back it up. he isn't the complete top end athlete that Wilson or White. but he makes up with it having better technique. so in the 3 i would like him. i know you said you like what you've seen from Davis. but he still looks slow to me. will have trouble covering any good athletes on the field.

    for Josey Jewell. i am not sure the pro game has slown down for him. so i haven't started to judge. ask me about how i feel about him a bit into next season.
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait