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Malik Jackson believes his days in Jax our numbered

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  • Malik Jackson believes his days in Jax our numbered

    Is Malik Jackson still capable of collapsing the pocket?

    It’s no joke that Wolfe is rapidly declining although he looks extremely dominant at times he’s just not putting enough fourth to warrant keeping him on the roster and there’s no way Elway would allow any coach to bench him at his salary and we saw this last week when he played ahead of Harris even with a nasty rib cartilage injury!

    Gotsis seems to get his rump handed to him more often than not even in run defense as of late.

    It’s no secrets that Malik Jackson has been benched in favor of his protege while Jacksonville’s GM has no problem benching a guy no matter what he’s making (unlike Denver’s GM) but he’s still better than anyone denver currently has on their roster at his position.

    Should he be a consideration if he is released by Jacksonville or is Elway to prideful to go that route?

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    Just like Oz, Malik Jackson started in Denver.

    I’m sure Jackson would be welcomed back at the right price.
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      Please bring Jackson back.
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        Pass. His play has really fallen off lately and he's not a great locker room presence.